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Do you instigate others ?

Asked by Hibernate (9063points) June 29th, 2011

Be it to make them read a book or try things they wouldn’t normally try .
Or to make them take drastic actions .

How often do you instigate ? [ if you do it ]

Why do you feel it’s a bad thing ? [ if you don’t do it ]

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I personally do it often but just to make sure others constantly try to improve themselves .

I do hate it so much when people just stand firm on their current ground and do not try to make things better .[ as in not wanting to know / do / act better then they do it now ]

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Less and less, the older I get. Doing so usually only feeds my ego. Best for me, to encourage by example, without a word being spoken… when possible.

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Do you mean motivate?

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Motivating is just but a small part of instigating . [ the way I see it ]

But motivating one could be just coaching and not making him do things he wouldn’t normally do .

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“making him do things he wouldn’t normally do”

You mean like slavery?

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It’s pretty arrogant that you think you can “make” someone “do things he wouldn’t normally do.” I’m pretty sure I would be a failure for you.

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The word you may be looking for is influence.

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nevermind I was confused… nevermind

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I have this problem of forcing the people to do work which they don’t want to do. What happens by instigating them is that they tend to ignore you or start cursing you. They are right in their own means.

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Don’t take only the bad side of it or else this won’t do any help .

That’s why I was trying to see how many good sides are to being an instigator .

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I try to ‘inspire’ others as opposed to instigating them. It just seems more meaningful when put into that context. As far as how often I do this, a few times a week on average.

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<——Inspired by ^^

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To instigate is to incite someone to do something, usually bad. It is not an intransitive verb so needs a direct object. I instigated legal proceedings against my neighbor.

However, I try to influence Milo to stop catching baby birds.

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I am an instigator. On accident, mostly. I catalyze reactions between people without my intention and without any direct involvement. People will do a lot of things to entertain me. It’s my personality, I suppose. Whatever the cause, people do things they might normally only think about around me.

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I try to persuade them to try out new things if I am close to them, if they’re friends/family.
If however, they say no firmly, then I don’t push them any further.

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I think you can only inspire people who want to be inspired. I know I do more of good deeds while nobody is looking than when I am being watched. As I get older I try less to influence people because I know other people can only do so much to you. Everything big always comes from with in.

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my god yes I do!
I am better that liquor

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I’ll suggest and introduce and then leave it up to them.

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I’ll just suggest things, but otherwise I keep out of people’s business. If they really want to better themselves, learn something new or rob a bank, they don’t need me.

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I used to be a ‘convincer’ before I really understood that my ideas of fun were not necessarily shared by others… What I wanted to do was SO much fun (of the rockclimbing/jetskiing/traveling sort), I just had to convince othes to try it because I was SO sure they’d love it as much as I did, but some people really resented me for it and I got shredded. Lesson learned.

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Thanks for replies .

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I instigate people to speak out against intolerance and oppression.

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@perspicacious Like Meatloaf sang ♫ ♪♫ ♫ “You took the words right outta my mouth.”

The word shouldn’t be “Instigate.” The word SHOULD be motivate… Otherwise I imagine it would be slightly Machevellian, no?

Leaning a bit more toward slight adjustments through a sense of psychological manipulation and self gratification. *Which is WRONG!

Just sayin…

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