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What's you best memory from when you saw a sunrise ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) June 30th, 2011

Being with your friends ?
Being with the one you loved ?
The game made by the light coming from beneath the sea or from inside a mountain ?
etc etc

Or maybe you had a particular moment and you want to share.

Have fun writing [ and reading others replies ] ^^

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The best sunrise/s I’ve ever seen were when my family and I were camping when I was a little kid. We had this neat old tent made of black parachute material from WWII. The seams had little teeny tiny holes where the light would peek in like a million little tiny stars. Then we’d unzip the tent flap, zzzzzzzrrrrrrrkkkkkk, and then we’d step out onto the crunchy soft cool ground with our bare feet and see the bright sunlight, just cresting over the tops of the cedars and firs and pines, whilst listening to the sound of other campers just awakening and preparing their breaksfast. You’d smell the scent of bacon frying, and hear it too. Czzzzzackle pop! And you might hear the sound of a lone woodpecker cnnnk cnnnk cnnnk high up in the trees, if you were lucky. If you listened, quietly, you could hear the laughter of other campers wafting through the campground as the sun crept slowly up , up, up and and finally over the top of the forest canopy. It was as bright and tasty as melted butter.

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My best college friend and I stayed up all night painting. At dawn we went outside. This was in flat, flat Iowa, where nothing obstructs your view of the horizon. We saw the sun rising all orange and red in the east, and we turned and saw the pale moon setting in the dim blue west at the same moment. It felt magical.

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I had stayed up all night during my freshman year of college and I was craving McDonald’s pancakes, so I drove out at around 6 am to go get them. I sat in the back lobby of my dorm and shared them with one of my best friends as we watched the sun come up over the mountains.

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Our family of 15 used to rent a house on a US East Coast beach every summer. One morning, before sunrise, I made two cups of tea, and woke my older sister up. We walked over to the gazebo at the end of the boardwalk, which was perched on top of a sand dune at the beach’s edge. As we sat sipping our tea, the sky’s color started to change. Soon, the sun started rising above the ocean’s horizon in a burst of light, and its reflection shimmered on the water’s surface. It was a special moment shared with a loved one.

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I never saw a sunrise in my life because i never wake up early in the morning since.

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Some college friends and I hike to the top of a mountain in the national park at 3:00 AM with flashlights in hand. We watched the sunrise from there.

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Waking up at five AM, in Lake Placid and sitting on the dock while Mirror Lake was completely fog covered, and just listening to the sounds of nature with no human noises at all.

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The best memory of a sunrise was when I first moved to America. I was 14 years old and I had to start a new life here.

I had not adjusted to the sleep schedule here in the states, so I was waking up very early. It was about 6 AM and I went to go sit on the front porch of our ranch house with my adoptive family’s puppy, who had taken a liking towards me. I just sat there and watched the sun rise and declared that I would start to live an awesome life with my new family and not worry about anything anymore.

It was a very invigorating experience.

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Anytime I’ve gone camping and woke up with the birds is a fine memory for me.
I’ve also liked the same thing when staying overnight on the boat and looking out over the water in the early morning then getting in for a swim:)

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I remember many, so all the memories become less important, but the most memoriable one is when I had an allergic reaction and my body itched sooo much that I absolutely couldn’t sleep, and therefore watched the sun rise (on the ocean!). ‘Twas a terrible morning. Sorry for totally killing the mood

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Most of the road trips I’ve been on started at sunrise. Now when I see a sunrise all the good memories of our vacations come to mind.

Sometimes the anticipation of a vacation is better than the real thing. =)

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I think about that with Christmas. Sometimes the whole Christmas season is better than the actual Christmas day.

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It was in Crescent Head, NSW, Australia.

I’d gone camping with my ex (he’d dropped the bomb a couple of days before in the Outback, if you can believe it) and he had access to a lovely cottage near this tiny town on the ocean. We got there and I was, understandably, in one of the worst funks of my life. If I’d had a car and was able to drive off, I would have, but there I was with this dude in a gorgeous log house who was trying to act as if nothing had changed between us, except, oh, yeah, he’d just broken up with me, and I was stuck with him for the time being.

The three days we were at the house, the weather was bad. Lightning, thunder, torrential rain, the works. But on the morning of the 4th day, I got up, looked out the window and saw the cerulean blue that indicated that the sun was coming. The house wasn’t far from the ocean. I left ex-guy sleeping, went outside, down the hill and over the roadway to the beach and I watched the sun rise. Despite myself, I knew I would feel better anon as I watched it come up. I loved how the clouds were pink and orange and magenta as the sun first peeked and then streaked across the horizon.

I actually dreamed about that sun after I came back to the US. Aussies, you have a beautiful country. I hope to see it again someday.

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My fortieth birthday, I climbed this mountain reaching the summit, one which had eluded me twice before over the years… As the sun hit the mountain it was as if the lake, it were on fire……. :-)

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This is me, half way up that mountain ;-) hoping the cloud doesn’t come down again, Lol….

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In Greece my dad and I would get up early to walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise. One morning we were joined by a stray Rottweiler cross breed who I named Bruce! That’s what I name all the stray animals I come across. Bruce just sat with us and it was very peaceful.

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@Scooby Where was the picture taken?

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That mountain is the old man of Coniston, it looks over the lake where Donald Campbell died while attempting his second run for the water speed record, I love this part of the country ;-)

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@Scooby I can see why. It’s amazing.

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In Lancashire, England, right, @Scooby? (Thanks, Wikipedia.) I didn’t even know which country.

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Standing on the roof, looking out over the houses on my own. Hearing the birds sing and the sky turn gradually from pink to a gold colour.

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I’ve never seen a sunrise, and I’ve only seen a sunset once. When i saw the sunset I was with one of my few good friend. We were on a boat and it was the first time we’d hung out in almost 2 years. It was so unimaginably beautiful. I won’t forget that sight even if I grow old and get Alzheimer’s disease.

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I couldn’t sleep one night so I snuck out for a run. 13 miles later I was exhausted and sat down by a tree to rest up a bit. I fell asleep. A few hours later I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and the sun rising. I found it funny because it was close to where my ex and I when we were madly in “love” watched the sun come up but only when I was alone could I appreciate the beauty of it. Then I felt utter disgust because I want to both appreciate the beauty of the rising sun and have someone I love close by. Apparently, I can only have one, I guess I only can operate one head at a time… lol

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I am an extreme morning person. I love the quite, accept for nature, I love the stillness and the newness of it all.

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Sitting and watching the sun rise when I was delivering papers as a child. It was nearly always accompanied by the call of the chickadee.

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I really have absolutely no bloody idea why, but…I saw the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was little, and enjoyed it a whole lot, especially the rat mentor, Master Splinter. I thought he was the bomb. (Taking out Oroku on his own, when all four turtles couldn’t do it)
So in one scene that I clearly remember, Splinter is speaking to his turtle students and he says, ’‘You are ninja. Do not forget it. And do not forget me’’.

So one Saturday morning I wake up and go downstairs. The early Sun was shining through our big living room window, everything was all orange and comfy. I knew this was going to be an awesome day. I just felt it. Then I remembered the phrase that Splinter said to the turtles, about not forgetting him.

In my head I was all like, I won’t. And I never have.

Best damn sunrise ever. I’m being serious, too.

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I’ve had shared sunrises before, but the most unique was filming a movie with one of my students. He and his mom met me at a natural formation in Tucson just before sunrise- we wanted to catch him saying his lines at the exact time the sun broke over the horizon. He had to say his lines about 15 to 20 times before we caught the exact moment we wanted. Then just sat there watching Tucson light up.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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Watching the sun come up with my girlfriend one very cold December morning at the Grand Canyon. Grand memory!

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