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What are the things that complete you?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) June 30th, 2011

Just wondering up to a limit to 3 minimum 5 max. of the things that complete you… If that makes any sense here’s an example, and I want the reasons on how or why they do.

Example: 1: My girlfriend (Because she’s my girl and I love her)
2: Music (Since I always listen to it, and can never stop thinking about it.)
3: Drumming (Since it’s my hobby…And soon to be career!)

But it’s sort of like that saying “You complete me…!” What completes you?

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1. My lady – she makes my soul smile.
2. Music – it makes my soul dance.
3. Nature/Animals – they breath life into my soul.

…I have a lot of soul.

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I want to say Gage… But I am not going to. Number five is Marissah.

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Nothing. I am myself. Nothing or no one makes me more complete. There are things that make me feel more myself like: health, sunny skies with warm weather, and helping others.

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I like to think that [ after a certain event in my life ] I am complete .
Others could say different but for me there’s nothing more to be added that can make me “more complete” that I am right now .

I do have to work on shaping myself but that’s just some edges not building something new .

Cruiser's avatar

My woman,
my kids
my guitars
my coffee grinder
my clown suit

marinelife's avatar

My SO.
My dogs.
Being in nature.

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1: Y – Because it is the first letter.
2: O – Because it is the second letter.
3: U – Because it is the third letter.

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1. Jesus
2. My wife.
3. Music
4. Movies
5. The computer/internet.

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My Bible
Exercise/physical exertion of any kind

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1. My family and friends
2. Music
3. Pets / Animals
4. The Internet
5. Books / My Kindle / Reading

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My combat boots, the woods, frozen coffee, my guns and a little thing called love. :)

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My family (husband, kids), incense, iced tea, ..and some unique creature comforts you only find at my house.

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@JLeslie I couldn’t agree with you more :)

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My husband…because I love him
My children…because I love them
God…because He is God
Books…because they provide the escape I sometimes need
Music…because music of any kind soothes the savage beast within me!

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My pets because they love me.
Music because I love it.
Books because I love them.
My mom because I love her.
My grandparents because I love them.
Perfume because I love smelling nice.
Jewelry because I love accessorizing.

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1. My family
2. My job
3. My cats
4. Mountain Dew
5. Movies and music

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1.My baby sister.
5.Good food.

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1. my dad
2. my grandma
3. my best friend
4. the outdoors
5. a nice piece of juicy steak… or any food really

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I ain’t got dick that completes me, but I got the next best thing; beer.

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I am complete on my own. But when my partner is on me, I feel more at home. Also when I get tattoos, I feel they were always there but not uncovered just yet so I think they complete me.

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I feel happiest with 1. my kids, 2. learning new things, 3. my artwork 4. on stage and 5. in a stimulating discussion

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1) music because it always has a mood to it whatever and outs your mind at ease
2) your girlfriend/person you fancy there always a way to make you happy and can easily make a day a DAY
3) friends they are easy to share things with and earn your trust and will be there for you

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