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Can I get a British emergency passport?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) June 30th, 2011

Right, I am a 15 year old British citizen who lives abroad.
My parents, at the start of May, sent my passport away to Dusseldorf, Germany to get renewed and it got lost and no one knows where it is.
Luckily we took note of my passport details (number, expiration date etc.)
But because there is starting to be a change in the passport system, a passport renewal will take at least 8 weeks (there is a backlog of passports).
This is a huge problem for me because in August (3rd-28th) I am travelling (alone) to America to see a friend of mine who is dying of cancer.
Am I able to get an emergency passport? And if so, how long does it last for?
What should I do? :( My friend doesn’t have long left and I really want to spend time with her before she passes.
Any help?

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It’s not clear. I think you should go to the British Consulate in your country and ask.

“Replacement and emergency passports

We can issue you with a replacement travel document if you need to travel urgently. But we’ll need some verification of your identity to be satisfied that you are a British national. You’ll also need to show us a police report and pay a fee.

This document will be an Emergency Travel Document or a one-page paper emergency passport depending on your travel needs. We need to make checks before we can issue a travel document so the sooner we know your requirements the better. It is extremely unlikely that a full passport could be fast-tracked and so if this is the best option for you, it may mean you have to delay your travel plans.”

British Government

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Another question to ask the British consulate and probably the US embassy is will the US let you into the country with an Emergency Travel Document. Part of the deal with US-UK visa waiver program is that you have at least 90 days left on your passport and that it machine readable. If the passport is issued by a Bristish overseas embassy then it may not be machine readable and in which case you would need to apply for a visa.

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