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What modern convenience should never have been invented?

Asked by judochop (16099points) April 28th, 2008

Escalators are on my list.

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drive-thru beer stores.

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electric can openers

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Value meals.

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Oh Lord and another,
and might I add SPRAY ON BUTTER to this list as well as

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Haha.. Peedeezy!, I was just going to do that. Damn.

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Fo shame you diss the Rick Roll.

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Ack, I’ve been Rick Rolled 1 too many times now mister!

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Maybe they should have never invented the Whine. :)

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Drive-through anything, not just beer stores.

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I am not partial to air sprays of any kind, although I don’t know if they qualify as a “convenience.”

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Yes, that reminds me: Fabreeze. Who likes this shit? Lysol almost smells better.

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Electric Scissors.

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festivus poles. only in seinfeld could this exist, but some douche made them real. leave it for the imagination. also, these things. makes you look like a dumbass, especial when you’re golfing.

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either the easy step by smosh, or the iphone .

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Cell phones- 1. I am addicted to my iPhone 2. It rings all the time I never get a break

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i saw these on tv the other night and wanted to cry. I mean SERIOUSLY!?! someone thought hmm this is a good idea and then somehow convinced others that it was a good idea. WHY DO THESE EXIST!?!


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Yeah, pretty much anything made by Guthy Renker.

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Microwave dinners

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I’m not very impressed with my swiffer, mostly because it just feels too wasteful when I use all those disposable sheets. I need to buy an old-fashioned sponge mop.

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Really, I love Swiffering, and I really don’t know why. I also love the original Swiffer aroma (pre stupid Fabreeze).

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The tray table, the beginning of the end for family sit downs around the table. That and the robo vacuum, can that thing honestly clean what a normal vacuum can?

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Movie theater “butter”

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i hate power steering and fuel injection. give me something from the era when it was hard to start a car when it was cold and hard steer but easy to work on. i want a 51 ford.

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why is everyone bashing butter in this topic? butter is really good, but like all things, its only good in moderation.

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Peedub: I hate movie theater butter. Ugh! Nasty.

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I never bashed butter, buddy, hence the quotes.

movie theaters don’t use butter, they use flavored oil.

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Internet on the go

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Fast food, gas station combinations.

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Plastic water bottles. Aw hell, just plastic. There’s an area twice the size of Texas north and east of Hawaii where there are less currents and winds. Sailors typically avoid this area, but when they do sail through they describe it as a huge garbage bowl of plastic waste. There’s an interesting documentary on this by the National Geographic Channel. The quote that, to me, stands out is that we have created a substance that for all intents and purposes lasts forever, just to contain products that are often consumed in seconds. And don’t get me started on bisphenol a…

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@ judochop – Aww… Escalators? But it’s so fun to try running up the down one.

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I like the escalator. Because an escalator can never break. It can only become stairs. There would never be an escalator temporairly out of order sign, only an “escalator temporarily stairs.” Sorry for the convienience.

- Mitch Hedberg. R.I.P.

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The convenient excuse known as Global Warming.

I very much appreciated drive through beer stores when I used to live near them.

Shame on me..

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