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How can I balance my love for physics (esp. astrophysics), animation and computer engineering?

Asked by krrazypassions (1350points) June 30th, 2011

I am a student of Computer Engineering and while I am quite happy about the field, I am deeply fascinated by Physics, especially Astrophysics. Similarly I have a strong interest in Animation. I am not sure how I can have all these three fields in my professional life. I wish to do serious work in all three fields. How do I go about it? Any ideas, advice, inspiration, taunts are welcome.

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All of those skills seem extremely complementary. I would imagine the physics route would demand the most commitment and leave you with the least flexibility in the job market. But it might be the most intellectually rewarding, and physics programs probably encourage computer science knowledge.

Are you in college?

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@Qingu I am an undergrad junior year student (they call it TE in India- Third Year Engineering)

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Well. I know nothing of college in Indiana. But I’d suggest talking to your college counselors. You could also try to take classes in physics and animation if your school offers them. Good luck!

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I’m quite envious of your situation right now. I wish I was that smart in mathematics. And you have a creative itch in you too. You could probably work part time in NASA, Apple and Pixar after you finish all these degrees.

I have a dear friend since elementary who at age 9 would draw jet fighters and submarines by hand and make them exactly as they look in books and magazines. In choosing which college course to take, he struggled between filmaking and architecture. He took architecture and was praised and scolded at the same time when he submitted a church design with the structure standing on an asteroid!

He is a successful architect now but longs to enter the field of filmaking. When I asked him what’s stopping him. Family, he said.

Bottomline, if you finish a degree in Computer Engineering, you would find a well paying job and if other things do not happen in your life yet like having a family, you could finance your Astrophysics study and then work for a company that may need both your expertise.

Depending on the available time you still have then, you could self-study in animation. If you are that smart and you have artistic gifts, I don’t think you really need to go to a school for that. Think animation education software. Later on, you could get a job maybe in an animation company or video game company that would require you’re now amazing set of skills.

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@Mazinger Thanks for that thoughtful answer. I guess the task will need meticulous time management and a lot of efforts… and I am going to do it :)

@Qingu Thanks, I will consult a counselor (though I have to point out somewhat amused and somewhat hurt that you misread India the country as Indiana state.)

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@Adirondackwannabe lolz :P
@lucillelucillelucille I guess you meant to say the career I aspire to have will be a fulcrum that will balance all the three fields mentioned.

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Let computer engineering fill your wallet and astrophysics fill your heart. That’s how I do it.

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