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Do you like cheese? What kind?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) June 30th, 2011

What’s your favourite type of cheese, if any?
I particularly like extra mature Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese.

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Yes. All of them.

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I love cheese, particularly mild english cheddar, grated is best.

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I love cheese. I like brie, parmesan, edam, gouda, gorgonzola and even the stuff they put in mousetraps.

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Monterey Jack cheese is my favorite, but I’m also quite fond of mozzarella and gouda.

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I do, and it’s very strange to me, because as a child, the smell and taste of cheese made me nauseous. Now I love all kinds of cheese, and when someone offers me a taste of a new cheese, I am delighted. Many stores are now offering cheese tastings and I try not to miss them.

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I say it all the time.

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@rebbel Um… I don’t get it :-/

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@ucme Lol! Quavers and Wotsits my friend?

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@jailbait Gimme gimme gimme!

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I like cheese. =) I don’t have any particular favorite though.

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All cow based cheese. As far as I am concerned, cheese made from the milk of any animal other than a cow, is an abomination. Goat cheese is right up there with necrofilia and 80’s music.

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A day without cheese is like a day without sunshine.

I was quite content with American cheese until I visited England. Gad, our cheese is basically tasteless compared to theirs. After a bit of research, it was discovered that most American cheeses are pasteurized, whereas some other countries are not.

Favorites are proper English Cheddar and Stilton cheese.

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All cheese except for the weird ass kind that has maggots and pig parts in it.

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@ucme I love those two! XD
And you of course ;)

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The question is, what kind of cheese don’t I like.

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Almost any cheese is a favorite of mine. I especially love aged, very sharp cheddar.

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@jailbait Err, given your name i’m just going to plant a virtual platonic kiss on ya cheek….mwahh ;¬}

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Provolone. There is no substitute.

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@ucme I didn’t mean it that way, honest. Mwah back to you. :)

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Feta cheese.

And pretty much any other cheese besides hog head, maggot, and bleu cheese.

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I have to agree with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard . Love ‘em all ‘cept the ones that got yucky stuff (living or dead) mixed in.

Some favorites:

Havarti (from Denmark)

Really sharp cheddar

Red Wax Gouda

Pub Cheese (which is basically a very soft spreadable form of sharp cheddar)

And yes! @KingPariah, Provolone is marvelous!

Both regular Mozzarella and Fresh Mozarella

And Cotija which is a Mexican cheese that is similar to Greek feta, only not quite as salty and a little bit drier.

And Swiss Emmentaler

Laughing Cow Swiss (super creamy, tangy cheese in a foil triangle that is so fun to open)

White Stilton with Cranberries (which can be found at Trader Joe’s around Thanksgiving and Christmas)

And both Kraft Pimento and Pineapple cheese spreads.


Bob’s Big Boy Bleu Cheese Salad Dressing

And last, but not least, Ooey Gooey Orange Nacho Cheese

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I love many cheeses, but these are my favourites so far:

Old Cheddar
Spiced Gouda
Light Cottage Cheese (wet)

There are so many cheeses I haven’t tried yet.

The sad part of all this…I’m lactose intolerant. Sometimes it’s just worth the suffering though.

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@PluckyDog You poor thing. I think I would go mad without cheese. I totally forgot about cottage cheese, it’s so yummy. I also love that powdered orange cheese in Kraft macaroni and cheese in the box!

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All – - I have six different ones in the refrigerator. Right now

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@Tropical_Willie Well let’s bust out the crackers and have a party!

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YES! I have no favourite.

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@Kardamom You gotta bring the wine. I got crackers!

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Couldn’t live without it. Large curd cottage cheese, sharp cheddar; Meunster, jack, brie, cream cheese, Gorgonzola, Stilton;, feta, mozzarella, fontina, Cambazola, are all delicious.

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maggot cheese is best cheese

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I’m of the same mind as @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and @Kardamom (btw, thanks for telling me about Laughing Cow, I’ll have to try that). I’m especially big on anything blue, goat, or swiss. But I love most of them, and love trying new ones.

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@Aethelflaed Try Port Salut it is awesome on crackers.


I love cheese, but I can’t eat too much of it, because I get bad acne cysts if I do. That has always been a curse. I was also really fat when I was a kid, so I still got to watch my diet. Cheese didn’t make me fat as a kid——my Mom used to give me pork chop fat to eat because I wanted it. Yeech.

My very favorites are Brie and Asiago.

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My fave is Stilton.

But I’ll eat most any cheese.

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I’m not a big cheese fan; I’m lactose intolerant. I do eat chevre. They say it’s easier to digest.

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Yeah, cheese is some alright business. I like cheddar and Swiss cheese. There’s this type of cheese that’s really spicy, but I don’t know its name. Damn good though.

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“cheese is some alright business.” @Symbeline, you slay me.

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’‘You slay me’’. Imma borrow that one…:)

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you can have it. My gift to you.

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I am not a huge cheese person. First, the only cheese I will eat cold is Mozzarella. I really enjoy Kraft Vermont sharp white chedder for a grilled cheese sandwich. Other cheeses I add to sandwiches (but must be hot and melted) are Swiss and American. I use all of them in Omelettes. At times I have white Mexican cheese for tacos and sopes. I think cheese is really bad for you, so I am glad I don’t like very many, but I could eat pizza almost every day probably. LOL.

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Go to a little hole in the wall in northern Wisconsin and get some deep fried cheese curds. oh man!

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Yes, I love extra sharp Vermont white cheddar, Gouda, Jarlsberg, Swiss, Havarti, Parmano, any kind of pepper cheese with Jalapenos, Jack, Harvarti. I spend a small fortune on cheese, always trying something different.

I am Coloma and I am a cheese-a-holic. :-D

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@jonsblond Wisconsin is the cheese capital of the US. The state’s unofficial motto is “Come smell our Dairy Air”

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LOL, I never knew that, the Dairy Air part. haha

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I love cheese. I’m not a massive fan of the spreadable ones though. Mature cheddars and Emmental are favourites of mine. I am also addicted to mini baby-bels!

@jailbait Wotsits are awesome!

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Manchego, because everything about it is awesome. It comes in these wedges with a grey rind and a pattern pressed into the outside, so it’s kind of pretty and I feel extra-fancy when I’m buying it. It has a strong, nutty flavor because it’s made from sheep’s milk. One of my favorite things is to have some manchego and salami on a baguette with a salad and some wine from Spain. Brie, gouda, and pecorino romano are awesome, too. I love brie with green apples or roasted figs. I love/hate going to Whole Foods because the cheese section is next to the olives and the chocolates… three of my greatest and most expensive weaknesses.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Eeeeeeeeeeew what the hell kinda freaky Satanic cheese is that?

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