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Will strawberries ripen any further once they are picked?

Asked by Jeruba (51640points) June 30th, 2011

If tomatoes are picked a little green, they’ll ripen a bit more if I set them on the windowsill.

How about strawberries? It’s very disappointing to buy a basket of berries that look nice and red, only to find them white and hard on the inside. Is it too late? If I leave them out for a bit, will they get any better or just spoil?

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In my experience, they spoil. They won’t ripen once they’re picked.

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Sorry but no. They will however rot, go mushy or grow white beards.

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Sadly no, they must be on the plant in the sun to achieve full ripening.
I’ve had two dud watermelons in a row….bah!

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@Coloma: So have I, wet and overripe, like a Renoir nude. They are taking up a huge amount of room annoyingly in my compost pile.

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I know stone fruit (peaches and apricots) keep ripening. And tomatoes. And avocados. Do plums? Or pluots? What else can we think of?

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What is a pluot?

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@gailcalled A cross between a plum and an apricot. And nix on the strawberries ripening.

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Mine have just become organic bowling balls, rolled deep into the forest for the critters. :-D

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Thanks, all. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

And I know why they pick them so green. But still—who would ever want to buy them twice if they thought that’s what strawberries were really like?

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