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Can someone block your I.P. address from their email ?

Asked by marialisa (464points) June 30th, 2011

Someone is sending me messages and I can not respond to them through my email. I have tried to and my email is not delivered. I have also used my sons email and the same delivery notice is sent. I do not know how to block this person and do not want to change my long term email. Is it possible that person has blocked my I.P. address? It is so annoying not to respond to an annoying sender!

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Some email providers have an option to block ip’s and ip classes.

In any case what type of email it is ? [ I know it’s spam but what type ] Invitations / bullcrap messages / any sort of advertise etc

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It wouldn’t be I.P. address blocking since email isn’t tied to an I.P. address. But, you can probably block all emails from the domain. If your provider allows for marking things as spam, keep doing that. Eventually they’ll all get marked as spam automatically.

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I know the annoying sender. :(
My email responses come back undeliverable but the jerk can send me emails and I cant respond!

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@ How do you find out I.P address?

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my goal is to block his IP

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Yours is easy.
The other persons ip it’s hard to trace just from an email.

[ talk to your isp provider and ask them to deal with this ]

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You’re probably getting the mailer daemon errors because they’re using fake email addresses—not because they’ve blocked your IP.

You can easily find someone’s IP from their email. After all, they have to designate the origin (just like you leave your return address on an envelope). Here is a list of ways on some major email services. If you use something that’s not in that list, the basic idea is to look for some way to show “details” or “header” (or just google for your specific program/website).
I actually have never even thought about blocking an IP address, never had a need to, so I don’t know how possible it is. But if it’s possible, then I’m sure it’s an easy process.

However, IP addresses have tendencies to change. Either just as the way that their connection is set up, or specifically done by the user, or they can spoof the IP address (Make it appear to come from a different one).

I would say to just get in contact with your email provider and ask them how to handle it.

On a side note, what kind of email is it? Is it like, somebody sending you (specifically) nasty letters? Or is it random gibberish? Or is it annoying spam selling you bigger penises and shinier diamonds?

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Just marking it as spam doesn’t work?

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@Judi If you mark SPAM on “spoofed” email address you block nothing. The address does not exist it was made up. Repeated Spam marks through your ISP may end up blocking the domain of the email.
If the address is A O L . com or some other huge domain, you end up blocking ALL email addresses with that as the domain or website.

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If you use a POP or IMAP client (like Outlook or Thunderbird) to fetch your mail, there is probably a way to configure the client to filter emails that originate from a particular IP address or domain. You certainly can set it to filter a particular originating address, even if the address is bogus.
Gmail also provides some filtering ability, but it’s not terribly sophisticated. It can block email addresses but not IP addresses.

Blocking an IP address globally is as easy as adding a firewall rule. A good firewall can block packets by protocol and by port, so you can block SMTP traffic coming to your server from the bad IP address. Unless you run your own mail server that won’t help you, and if you did run your own mail server you probably wouldn’t be asking the question.

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