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Writing, shooting, compulsive cleaning.

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Sex, go for a walk, put on some music that soothes me or distracts me. If it is work stress and it is something where I can, I go home and leave it until the next day.

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Hit the gym hard core.

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I drink. Not a suggestion.
I smoke. Don’t do it.
I fuck myself. None of my concern when it comes to yall lol.

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Usually I drink and smoke and all the stess disappear I know it’s not the best way to relieve the stress but I can say it’s my way

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Lots of cleaning.
Talk to my partner.
Snuggle my dog.
Sometimes, I’ll just sit quietly and think.
Ride my bicycle or go for a drive.
Listen to music or play it myself.
Play video games, espeically the ones where I get to kill things.
If we had a basketball hoop nearby, or at home, I’d shoot hoops.

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Drink, vaporize, watch sitcoms, watch action movies, watch documentaries, read a book, meditate, and have sex with someone (myself included).

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I love Modern Family @Aethelflaed

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Keeping on topic, it makes me laugh lots which is of course a great reliever of stress. I think my husband wants to have an affair with Gloria :D

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I want to have an affair with Gloria…

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I walk/run, or exercise. Meditation helps too.

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Exercise and meditate.

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At home I play my guitar loud! At work I deep breathe and meditate and or go for a walk.

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When I can afford it, tattoos.
When I can get it, sex.
Otherwise, Earl Grey tea.

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I like to masturbate while I skydive.

I don’t yank the rip cord until I’ve finished with the other yanking.

It really pushes everything else out of your mind.

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Strenuous physical exercise. Always worked for me. When I was 53, I was running 10 miles every other day, and working out with weights on alternate days.

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Milo here: I try to rake Gail with my talons; if that doesn’t work, I go for a long, brisk run outside with an occasional sprint up and down a tree; I eat some grass in order to purge later on; I shred some important documents on Gail’s desk and than have a really long pre-nap nap.

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Reading, writing, drawing, fluther <3, being outside. Sometimes at the end of a long day I go out to my deck, which faces a field and some woods. It faces west so there are gorgeous sunsets out there at the end of the day. I go out there with a nice glass of wine and a book. Ahhhhh.

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Hit the bag, tidy my garden, wash the cars, brush the cats :-/
Go for a walk or even a drive, have a long hot soak in the bath, get drunk :-/
masturbate :-/

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Sex is my #1 stress reliever of choice but playing favorite music, dancing and a good soak in a bathtub work nice too.

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Cleaning, bathing and playing solitary.

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Take a walk or hike
Watch a funny movie

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Garden, forage, make stuff, shoot stuff, eat stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff that is good for stress relief.

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Watch comedy. It really helps.
Sing, listen to rock music, sleep, eat chocolate, doodle, and if I can, dance.

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smoke, drink, do drugs, excercise, read books, cook and relax.

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I drink or Jerk off. Sometimes I drink while jerking off…..and sometimes I jerk off while drinking. :)

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I tend to turn my music on really loud and dance around my room.

OR scream into a pillow. (Which just makes me angrier.)

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I like screaming in pillows.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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By being optimistic most of the time. And by being concerned without resorting to worrying and ruminations. Most stress is caused by ourselves inside our heads.

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I go for a bike ride in the woods. I once had an argument with one of my company’s owners. I left, got my bike and headed out on a trail. Less than a mile after I started a bear started running next to me. I was still pissed and yelled at the bear and was ready for a fight. Fortunately, the bear must have thought I was crazy because it ran off.

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