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Are there cell phones with call blocking capability?

Asked by AshlynM (10485points) July 1st, 2011

Right now, the phone I have does not have this feature.

I’ve heard certain cell phones do. If so, I want to get one of those phones so if I get telemarketing calls or other calls, I can just block that number from my phone.

I’m looking for specific names of phones. I don’t really care about the cell phone carrier.

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My Droid has a ‘send to voicemail’ feature so that it never rings, and if you get a Google Voice number and give that out, you can change various greetings for numbers including one saying your number has been disconnected.

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Just contact a cell phone salesman to find out the range of phone options and call-blocking features.

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Nokia… you can block 10 numbers.

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Any phone with the Android OS.

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My droid phone. Samsung Galaxy is pretty amazing like that.. it can block people’s numbers easily and doesn’t notify you of them even calling. It’s like they dont exist! Without sending to voice mail.

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