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How do you deal with those days when you absolutely don't give a crap?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) July 1st, 2011

What do you do? Do you go with it or try to focus on something else?

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I was about to ask Fluther what time of the day can you safely start drinking without a sneaking suspicion you may have a problem.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Today, if you get past 9:00 AM is good.

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I go to my woman cave. Sometimes I can stay there for days. lol

Just hang out the “Do not disturb sign”. ;-)

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@Coloma What’s in a woman cave?

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My little Waldon Pond over here.
Turn off the phones, close the gate to my house, have a happy brownie, walk with the animals. Thoreau me baby! ;-D

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@Coloma That sounds great. Do you allow males in?

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Only if they bear gifts. Which usually means the UPS guy. haha

The only things that get past the gate are the wild turkeys and lizards. :-

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Love your attitude. Some guys really missed the boat when they didn’t treat you right.

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Enjoy the hell out of it! :)

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Well, ya know, it’s all in the attitude, maybe, instead of having a ” I don’t give a crap” day, just accept and embrace a ” I don’t give a crap” life! hahaha

I don’t mean in a super negative way, just in a generalized, ” whatever…it’s ALL temporary.” :-D

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@Coloma I’ll think on that.

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Just don’t give a crap.

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@Coloma That sounds wonderful. There’s no Walden Pond here, but there is an odd path that takes me to a huge open field next to a great big forest. I go exploring in there sometimes.

I wish I did cool stuff like that on my IDGAF days. What I really do is stay in my jammies all day, eat cookies, hang out in my online communities, and drink lots of wine.

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought It’s noon somewhere! :D

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@Haleth so funny. Just got back from the local liquor store…

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I work most of my “days off” so I don’t often have the luxury to mope around but when I do, I let myself vegetate at home, however it goes. A few times I’ve just laid in bed all day and watched one movie after another until I broke the funk. I allow myself to not be spot on all the time instead of picking apart the whys.

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On days I don’t give a crap, I’ve done really stupid and dangerous things. Some time back, on lesser apathy days but still pretty I don’t give no fuck days, I tried to fix things, convince myself that it would be alright, or just tried going on. I guess you only do that when you don’t give a crap.
These days I just drink. It’s a good way to give meaning to things without having to do anything but give a blowjob to some bottles. At least, in illusion form. I think I like my older non drinking self better.

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I sleep till 6pm have supper and go back to bed.

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Cry, then think that we only get one life, wipe the tears away and get on with it. No use to nobody if you’re moping around.

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