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Going to Estes Park, CO this week, any suggestions?

Asked by rOs (3524points) July 1st, 2011

As asked!

I’ll be there all week with my girlfriend. I’ve been many times before but haven’t been for a few years, what should I do?

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Depending on your endurance level the Bear Lake Trail is the easiest up very challenging and is also very pretty! If you are a flat lander DO wait a day or two before going up any trails as you will get sick and it is NOT fun!

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@Cruiser, I am a flat lander, but I’m in good-enough shape to acclimate. Yeah, I think I went to bear lake when I was 13; the wind blew the hat off my head into the middle of the lake!

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Find a place to have a BIG bowl of Buffalo Chili with extra cheese for me.

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@Tropical_Willie, sounds delicious, will do!

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@rOs I have been there many time and last time I went I was in great shape….landed in Denver, rented a car and two hours later I was at the Bear Lake trail and two hours later I was sick as a dog….awful experience. Big mistake to not take a day or two to get acclimated especially if you want to hike up further to Emerald lake! Gorgeous up there! Have a nice trip!

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Duly noted, thanks! I’ll just stick to r&r for the first part of the week! Maybe I’ll find a hot spring near by..

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Fishing the lake, or Big Thompson River is good stuff.

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Consider driving up Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

White water rafting is fun.

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Perhaps stay at the Overlook Hotel, Mr. Torrance.

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@cockswain, Sounds like a perfect place to work on my novel!

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You’ve always been there.

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I second both Bear Lake and Fall River Road. Take a day to drive the Peak to Peak Highway, stopping every once in a while to do some exploring on foot. If you make it all the way to Nederland, the Himalayan restaurant in town (don’t worry, there’s only one) is one of my favorites.

Also, you MUST eat Rocky Mountain Oysters. No trip to Estes is complete without them.

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