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Any safety/travel tips? (Details inside).

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) July 1st, 2011

Oookay, I found out a few days ago, that during the summer holidays of mine, I have to go to Pakistan. It’s a “working holiday” for my dad. He’s given up teaching and taken up property investment and apparently, Pakistan is a safe good place for investing. I’ve been discussing this about him, as I’m not to keen on going, but it seems I haven’t got a choice.
So. After all that’s happened in that country (Osama Bin Laden etc) I’m not feeling too comfortable about going there. Has anyone got any advice for me, as in safety tips on travelling to third world countries etc.
I’ve been to India once before, but from what I’ve heard it’s quite different. I’m not to keen on going there either.
I know I’ll have my family with me, and dad says all those recent things that happened are a long way away from the part of country we’re going, I’d still like some of your advice.
Thanks folks :)

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Be careful where you eat.

Also, see here.

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Be aware of your surroundings, avoid crowds of westerners.

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This is the British Government’s travel advice at the moment. They say to keep a low profile and to avoid crowds. Unfortunately all the most beautiful bits of the country are off limits just now.

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“Dress for men and women should be conservative. No shorts or tank tops. Women should cover their arms and legs. Special safety issue for women: Be careful. Expect men to cut in line in front of you. Don’t protest—You’ll only cause yourself grief. Do not look anyone directly in the face when walking around. Look at the ground. Don’t go expecting people to tolerate that you are a western woman and perhaps ignorant of their rules and don’t even realize what you are doing is considered inappropriate for women.


Do not drink water from the tap. Always drink bottled water.”

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August will be Ramadan so you may find it hard to find anything to eat or drink during the day.

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@Lightlyseared Great… now I can’t even feed myself properly?

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I am sure you will get all your shots before going, since it is a business related trip.

Ask your dad to point out where the US Embassy or consulate is, and carry their number with you everywhere. See if you can find an American Club to hang out, or other American kids in country. It is safer to be in a group than alone, in fact because of their treatment of women I would not go anywhere in public without a man except for a taxi from the hotel.

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It is a really big country. You may not be going where there is any trouble at all.
If you are staying at a hotel, they cater for Westerners so don’t worry about Ramadan. They’ll feed you. The only thing you may notice is that the staff are grumpy from not eating.

and pretty much what @marinelife said. The food will be ok. Avoid meat if you can. Don’t go to the Cashmere area in the south, but no one does anymore, so it’s not difficult to avoid.

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Okay, thank you everyone :)

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Study the culture, its people and the history before you go. Websites, books, ask someone who might know, or who has been there, whatever. I can’t offer much advice because I don’t know what that place is like, but that’s what I would do if I were you.
Know what you want and need to know from the place.

I really wish you wouldn’t have to go if you absolutely don’t want to though.

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Me too @Symbeline. Thanks :)

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I hope it turns out to be a positive experience @jailbait. While I think your worries are justified, I am sure your father has taken this into account in making his decision and often, the things we most fear and are reluctant to do turn out to be really good experiences. Do as @Symbeline has suggested and study up on the culture and follow the excellent advice above about security. Other than that, make the most of it. Go with open eyes and a desire to get something positive out of the whole thing.

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@Bellatrix Good point, I’ll keep an open mind and enjoy this trip :D
Thanks lovey.

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@MilkyWay Please let us all know how it goes! We all hope you have lots of fun and grand safe adventures!

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Yeah. If you can, and if you wanna, let us know what it’s like and how you’re doing while you’re over there.

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Sure thing! :)

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