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Is there a way to verify my own social security number for free?

Asked by AshlynM (10234points) July 1st, 2011

I know I can look at my previous tax forms and W 2’s. But if you didn’t have access to those things, what else can you do?

I currently lost my SSN card.

Are there any websites you can go to for free? I’ve tried looking, but most of them charge. Is there a way to see a name attached to the number?

Can I go to a local SS office and ask them to verify my number? What if I don’t even know the number?

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Just go to the ss office and get a new card. If you dont know the number or anything then definitely look at previous tax forms as well as bring them with you to the office. Im sure they are going to want some other form of identification.
You really should have your SS number memorized.

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Go to the Social Security office (have your ID with you including a photo ID) or just fill out this form and mail it in.

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Be glad it’s not so easy to get hold of online. A social security number is a key to an awful lot of personal information. If just anybody could get anybody’s SS# easily and for free, we wouldn’t have a tiny shred of privacy left anywhere in our lives.

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