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Can any of our creative jellies help me to come up with a cute message to go on this unconventional marriage announcement?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25307points) July 1st, 2011

My aunt and her boyfriend are getting married, both for the first time and they are in their late 50s/early 60s. They don’t intend to really tell anyone their plans until after they have already gotten married, as our family is spread out all over the globe.
Instead, they want me to make a little graphic with their two cats dressed up as a bride and groom… so that they can mail/email family members and announce that they’ve gotten hitched.

My aunt gave me a rough copy of what she would like the graphic to say, but she said she’d like it to be more creative/cute/poetic. I told her that I would post here on Fluther, since we have so many creative jellies. Yes, I was bragging about the awesome people here.

This is an idea of what she’d like it to say:

BoyKitty and GirlKitty would like to announce the marriage of their “people”
FutureUncle and Aunt on (date) at the county courthouse in (city/state).
They’ve been together for awhile, so it’s about time they made us legal!
Here is their story. Boy, they sure did everything inside out!
They adopted us first and then they went on a honeymoon to _Wyoming and Montana (they didn’t take us with them) and then came home and got married.
…and they lived happily ever after!

Any creative ideas are welcome.

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One thing that I was thinking, because they are a little older than your average first time couple, you could add a line something like this: they’ve decided not to go over the hill, so instead they’re walking down the aisle!

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@Kardamom haha, that’s adorable. I wonder how she would feel about it.

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One of my uncles told me a story years ago which I took to be completely true as he told it.

It seems that at the age of 85, he, a lifelong (widowed) Episcopalian, had gotten involved with a Catholic widow a few years younger, maybe 80 or so. They kept it friendly for a long time, but over time and the course of seeing each other more and more, they wanted to “do it right” and marry. So they talked about that for awhile.

They ultimately had to give up their plans, though, and stop seeing each other, to their mutual regret, because although the Catholic priest would agree to marry them in her Church, they could not agree on how to raise the children.

He told that whole story with a straight face and a sigh at the end, and just as the listeners were about to offer consoling words was when we realized that we had been had by another one of his dry jokes.

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“Those crazy cats, they’ve gone and done it!”

Aunt ___ & Uncle ___ would like to announce the exchange of vows that took place on such-and-such-date, at such-and-such location.

Maybe attach a link to an online photo series people can see of their honeymoon or whatever.

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Abercrombie and Abigail
are pleased to purr
that our cat-parents
have gone and caused quite a stir!
With a courtship that lasted
more than nine of our lives
We never thought John and Mary would be husband and wife!
Off to Wyoming on a honeymoon they went first
We were left behind with kibble and plenty of water for thirst.
(Yeah, we hated not being asked to go, but that doesn’t rhyme.)
Yet, still no rings on the fingers, no bells on their toes
We gave up the wedding plans and gave up our woes.
We went on cat-living, as everyone knows.
But guess what happened?
When we weren’t looking, and as quiet as cats
They went and got married, what do you think of that?!
Surprise for us!
Now, surprise for you!
But did you expect any less from these topsy-turvy two?
So, please won’t you join us in wishing our mistress and master
All happiness and joy and “happy ever after”?

Abercrombie and Abigail
are pleased to announce
(and it’s about time!)
the marriage of their lovely cat-parents
Marian West and John North
on the 20th of July, 2011
Lake Tahoe, Nevada

(You can put the poem on the outside and the announcement on the inside…or the photo on the outside and on the left interior…poem….announcement on right side as the card is opened.)

PS I realize that this is a major cheese-fest of a poem…but putting cats on a wedding announcement lends itself to nothing less! LOL!

PPS. They sound like a great couple….! Whatever they decide…I wish them all the best! What a great story!

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@DarlingRhadamanthus oh my gosh!! That is phenomenal, and being that she is my favorite aunt I know her very well… and she will LOVE that! Brilliant. I knew I could count on Fluther to give me something good, but that is genius!

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Nobody can’t top that @DarlingRhadamanthus. Send congratulations to the happy couple @ANef_is_Enuf.

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@ANef_is_Enuf…........LOL! Einstein was a genius. I’m just a bit of a hack! :) But so glad you liked it! Thanks for making me smile…it was fun writing it!

@bk,....Aw thanks so much….!

Lurve on its way to you….........both.

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