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What are two good names for two (evil) characters in my story?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) July 1st, 2011

I am writing a story about a girl named Zade that travels to another Universe. Before she went there, another guy from Earth went there and somehow unbalanced the Universe and Zade has to save it by returning a magical rock to a sacred Indian tribe on the planet. But, there are three assassins who are hunting down any earthly humans and she has to kill them. I have named one assassin already: Ashanti. I want it to sound kind of foreign and sort of different ( possibly a bit evil ). Any ideas????

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Jenifer and Marilyn.

(Names of my ex-wife and my ex-mother-in-law.)

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Are the assassins male of female?

@AstroChuck Funny.

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Ashanti is female the others are males.

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Rubrek and Robarg

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Fubar and Snafu

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Krenlin Meft & Remspet Ceving.

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Well, since you clearly have no problem delegitimizing and stereotyping indigenous peoples, go with something that makes fun of them more.~

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Wingle and Ding Ding?

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Ashanti (means agitation, violence)

So, I suggest words like~
Kroor (cruel) / Kroorta (cruelty)
Doosht (evil)
Vinaash, Naash, Tabaahi, Barbaadi, (destruction)
Mrittyu (death)
Shaitan (devil)
Bhoot (ghost)
Andhera (darkness)

Somehow, Kroor, Shaitan and Tabaahi sound the best amongst these.

Also, Shaitan and Ashanti are anagrams and while another anagram Tinaash isn’t any word I know, it can be used as it sounds foreign (and similar to Vinaash -destruction)

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Baar and Ghash.

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@incendiary_dan That’s pretty harsh. A quick glance at the OP’s profile indicates that that the OP is a student in high school or younger.

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Vladimir & Dimitri

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I like @krrazypassions idea of using anagrams of Ashanti.

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Grigori ( Rasputin ) for male and Gomar for female.

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Anguis = Snake in Greek.
indädû’ = Snake in Native American ( Cherokee)
Askook = Snake in Native American ( Algonquin )
Draco = Dragon in Greek

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Eu and Goma

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I agree with jailbait.. Since you mentioned ‘indians’ then google various indian tribe languages and a few names are likely draw your attention..

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@roundsquare Irrelevent. It’s never too early to learn not to stereotype indigenous peoples and facilitate ongoing cultural genocide.

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