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Would you watch a Fluther podcast?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) April 28th, 2008

I’m assuming the quality would be pretty near crap because none of us really live near one another – so everything would be compiled online. But say a few of the members (well known, and with high lurve) banded together to showcase a few interesting questions and commented on them / gave their opinion.

Would you watch?

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Yes I would watch I am a flutherite

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No for me. I spend enough time here.. This site, as is, suits me just fine.

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Depends if the topic was interesting enogh to follow.

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Maybe. I’d present one.

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Only if JP and Dan were involved.

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Negative on that one Del. I hate the sound of my voice. I don’t even like to leave messages on answering machines because sometimes I have to hear them.

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I would if it was an animation feature with Babo as the main character.

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@jp hahah you dont leave messages either? Im the same way.

I dont think it would be all that good if we just talked about stuff that already happened on fluther, thats kinda boring because well if your anything like me you already saw everything that happened. What if it was more of a day in the life of…...? And each user would make a little video showing what life is like where they live.

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Dan and I would make you, JP. We could use a voice thing for you. Make you sound like a zombie bunnyrabbit.

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If anyone wants to do this, please contact me. We’ve thought about doing it ourselves, too. But this could be great.

@Breefield Great thinking!

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I’d watch it!

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