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To curb outsourcing, what amount more would you be willing to pay for something?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26856points) July 2nd, 2011

Let say, there was a widget you wanted to buy, could be a tool, clothing, electronics, etc. that if it were Made in America it would cost $47 dollars instead of $31 dollars if it were made overseas, would you pay extra to keep jobs in America? How much more would you be willing to pay to protect against outsourcing? Would you pay on average $8 more, $10, $12, or $18 more? Or, would you be willing to pay above the made over there price?

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Depends on the quality of the product. Everyone has it figured out how to make crappy goods that aren’t worth repairing anymore. It just depends what the product is. What this country does not need any more of is more 7 dollar an hour jobs. So I think the price point is going to have to be quite a bit more than those examples.

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Whatever it takes. We should know the real price of the stuff in our lives. We would likely waste a lot less, and there would be a smaller market for cheap crap.

I think we should bring tariffs back to levels that level the field for US companies.
Also there should be standards that anything sold in the US is certifiably made by folks with decent wages and access to health care etc – again to level the playing field for U.S. companies AND U.S. workers.

I think we NEED universal healthcare in the U.S. to help especially small businesses be competitive on the global scene.

I think we have to ditch the WTO immediately. There is no excuse for yielding our national sovereignty to an obscure un-elected body of international corporatists.

Happy Independence Day!! I got your freedom right here: Free to make a wholesome wage, free from unfair overseas competition, free from the race to the bottom that takes away from people who already don’t have enough to give to people who already have way way more that they could possibly need.

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This really isn’t about outsourcing, but, I live in a small summer tourist community and I am willing, and do, very often, pay extra for grocery items and gas in my tiny town because I like to contribute to the local businesses, markets, restaurants etc.

Otherwise I agree with @dabbler especially on the health care issues this country faces.
There is no excuse for children, or anyone to be without access to decent medical care or to avoid preventive care because of the fear of cost or hardship of. Total bullshit!

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