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How do I get rid of Little Snitch (os x - leopard)

Asked by zaid (216points) April 28th, 2008

I had it installed on my account. I must’ve installed it on all user accounts cause it shows up when i log in my guest account. I want to get rid of it, but when i try to spotlight it, nothing shows up.

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Is it a program, because if it’s not a program then it’s probably in the system preferences in which case you can find it right along the Desktop preferences and such. Just right click it and delete it.

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no, it was a program. this one: I should add that I have successfully removed it from my account but for whatever reason, it shows up still in the guest account and other accounts that I set up.

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You have to download the LittleSnitch .dmg file. There’s an un-installer on there along with the app itself.

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sunuva…i get a 404 at the developer site and versiontracker tries to take me there too….

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ok. i downladed the dmg. I see an installer but not an un-installer.

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I mean the uninstall is part of the installer. Just run the installer. Better yet, read the FAQ on the website you already posted. Third question down. “How do I uninistall LittleSnitch?”

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thanks for exercising such patience pauly.

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Its tough but I manage.

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Have you tried something like App Cleaner?

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