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How do I post a photo?

Asked by susanc (16112points) July 2nd, 2011


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You post it elsewhere like imgur and then link to it here.

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It is impossible to post a photo on the site itself. Like @dverhey said, use a photo uploading site, and share the link to the picture you want us to see. Here is a list of photo sharing websites with relevant information about them. Personally, my favorite is imgur, but any of them will get the job done.

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I think that’s a good proposition. This is 2011 jellies, we should be able to post an actual photo on fluther.

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Other than your avatar, Fluther itself won’t host your photos. Like others have said, upload it elsewhere and then link it. Or set it as your avatar.

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Not being a part of the Fluther ownership, management, programming or maintenance teams, it’s not relevant for me to say what “should” or “should not” be a part of Fluther.

I should have X-ray vision and the ability to fly, too.

And where the hell is my flying car, dammit?! This is 2011, after all. I should be driving a flying car. While I Fluther.

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Being a flutherer, I believe I have a duty to alert Fluther ownership, management, programming or maintenance teams what I think is relevant to my fluther experience. And being fluther, they have a right to hear what I think is relevant to my fluther experience.

And hurry up with the flying car already, it’s 2011 for the love of God!

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@atlantis A few people have indicated that they would leave if we could upload images directly to our posts. I can see the reasoning: Fluther is different from other messaging boards in that you cannot be bombarded with images. You choose to see things by clicking on them. (See this question for more, especially the post by @Sarcasm).

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I’m sure I can work out a hack with Ubiquity or something.

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I use and/or to host the picture, and then link to it from here.

As @SavoirFaire says, the idea of posting them directly to the site has been discussed before. It’s always been a no-go.

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If posting images were allowed I would write a firefox extension so they were not displayed. I hate them that much.

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I would rather not see pictures embedded in posts here.

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The mods have enough to do already.

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@WasCy Isn’t a flying car really just a plane? They have Ultra-Lights that can be easily flown with out much training.

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Okay, I got the image I want to use in an album at Imgur. Now how do I get it onto Fluther?
Just consider that I’m not terribly fluent in computerese. And I have an IMac

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You just make a link to it, using the format shown below the box where you type your post. Like this:

” Click this to see picture ” :

except take out those spaces.

Click this to see picture

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Actually, there is a real road-legal flying car, @talljasperman. I knew that already, but I haven’t seen mine yet.

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susanc and gimmedat posting questions on the same day! It is like old home week and seeing them both here makes me smile!

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@Sunny2 Just in case that is assuming more that you know, here’s a simpler step by step:

Click on the picture on imgur, until you are seeing only the picture. While you’re viewing the picture, copy the URL address from the top of your screen and paste it into the answer box on Fluther.

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I would rather not see pictures embedded in posts here.

I agree strongly with this sentiment. I think the current method works perfectly; if you need to enhance your answer with a pic, simply create a link for it.

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Thank you. I was able to change my atavar.

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@Sunny2 Oops! I didn’t realize you were asking about your avatar picture. The instructions I gave were no help with that, I’m sure! Sorry.

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Dzibu La Pass, Tibet

Nah that would look much better embedded than in a plain vanilla link.

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I think if Fluther began hosting our images, it would use up a lot more server space and might make it run slower. I think the link is just fine.

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el magnifico

it’s a rembrandt

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@atlantis Beautiful pics! I’m happy to have chosen to see them, but glad they weren’t embedded.

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I think we could add an option where we either see photo links as the actual like like we do now, or embedded, based on an option we could tick on the profile box that way we could choose to see them or not, the default being the way it is now. Any opinions?

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I agree. The option to see it embedded. Of course that would also entail a rework of the UI on fluther so that they look nice embedded. Centred? with/without frame? Not to mention credits, location links etc.

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@Atlantic left side in line with the right side of the profile pick, the brownish colour as a 3pt frame, and the link would appear as you hover your mouse over it.

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@XOIIO I’m sorry. Can you elaborate? :P

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I highly doubt that’s going to happen. Sorry.

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Meh I can dream

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I strongly agree with the statements of not wanting actual photos in threads. I like the linking system just fine.

I can’t stand when I go to a forum for some random issue and get bombarded with flashy photos and animated GIF’s. I generally click my “back” button ASAP.

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Ignore that last thing, I needed a template kinda thing.

This is what I imagined for the option somewhere under your profile to choose the photo size, and this is what an embedded picture would look like, keep in mind that theya re very quick mock-ups. I may actually dl the website and edit the HTML so se can have a working demo of it, but i’d have to be quite bored.

Perhaps a border closer to the text color though. Any thoughts?

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That genuinely hurts my eyes and my brain. One of the first things that attracted me to Fluther was the very soothing display theme and layout. Even though the picture itself is beautiful, my brain reads it as clutter. :(

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True it dies interior but it wouldn’t be that big, I figure it could kind of be like in chat, but smaller, say, 6×6 of our avatars photos.

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That looks so awesome! Thanks for the sneak peak @XOIIO!

I think a neutral should do well for the frame. Black or you’re right, the text color would do really well too. And I think if it was centered it would look natural. Also maybe there could be a text wrapping option, for text around the photograph. Just not too close to the border.

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Shit autocorrect messed up lol i dont even know what I was saying

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