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How do you start a blog?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) July 2nd, 2011

Due to a request from a jelly pal, I’m thinking of starting a blog. To keep you up to date with my visit to Pakistan. I want to know how to start a blog, and where to do it. Any free websites?

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There’s a whole host of websites to choose from. What exactly do you want to post?





Not exhaustive. Whereabouts in Pakistan are you planning to rendezvous?

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@atlantis That’s great, thanks :D
I think we’ll be staying in Karachi.
So, how do you start a blog?

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If this is going to be a travelogue, I’ll expect you’re going to be posting pictures and uploading videos, so any blogging service which allows embedding pictures and videos should be good. Most of the blogging sites let you do that. Alternatively you can also post notes on Facebook.

Just go to the web page, and sign up and you’re ready to go. For blogger, if you have a Gmail account you can sign in using your Google ID.

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@atlantis Thanks, I think I’m gonna go for Blogger :D

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Great! Lemme know when it’s up and ready. I’d like to see Pakistan too!

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I can see it.

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Yay! That was easier than I thought. Thanks a bunch @atlantis :)

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Looking good :) You can also embed your twitter or tumblr if you use those. And I believe we have a fluther-powered Q&A widget as well. Can’t wait for your vacation to start!

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I use Blogger. I like it, and you probably will too.

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I can see it too.

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Blogger is good :).. so is Tumblr :)...
you should also try Flavors —-it provides great interfaces and you can mix match all your posts from FB and twitter, blogs from blogger and tumblr, pics from flickr etc. and videos from youtube, vimeo into one place and make it look well categorized and well presented.

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So many different ways! I favor WP and Blogger….

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