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What is your opinion on online game passes?

Asked by Mikewlf337 (6257points) July 2nd, 2011

Mortal Kombat is the first fighting game that I know of that uses an online pass. If you buy the game you get it free but if you buy it used you have to purchase the online pass. I am sure this will become the norm. What is your opinion on this?

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I think it is fair for developers to want some monetary gain from pre-order purchases but frankly I think there are much better ways they could do it, e.g – give everyone who buys new some amazingly awesome item that only they have or, in the case of fighting games, a completely new character that makes you really want to spend that little extra money. Personally I’m all right with it (I tend to buy new anyway) but I’m sure others will disagree, I have friends are monetarily pushed and this new system just aggravates them to the point sometimes they do not play the game and then that just bites the publisher in the ass for using the damn passes in the first place. When did games become all about making money anyway? Bring on the indie development future, Mojang etc. for the win!

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They did the same thing with Medal of Honor. I am sure developers have teams of people coming up with ways to make more money off gamers.

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I think it’s a complete bullshit way to leech more money out of people. If it becomes a norm it will pretty much screw over services like gamefly.

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