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What is your favourite stereotype to laugh at?

Asked by Paul (2717points) July 2nd, 2011

I don’t mean in a cruel way, I simply mean that it’s so far from the truth it is laughable. Mine would have to be Muslims, I have many Muslim acquaintances that simply don’t fit that ‘Muslim extremist or very obviously Muslim quota you see in the media nowadays.

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the people who claim to be handicapped, but in reality are just lazy

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

That I, as a feminist, must hate men or want to be one.

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I laugh almost every stereotype there is. Most of them are hilarious and a lot of them have some truth to back them up.

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That all atheists are baby-eating immoral devil-worshipers, and all animal-rights activists are ALF terrorists who throw paint on little old ladies in fur coats.

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That all gay men run around shouting, “Fabulous!” and worshipping Barbra Streisand. I think people don’t realize that there are gay men (and women) next to us in every part of our lives (at church, at work, at the grocery store, behind the counter) and most of the time we don’t even realize it, because they are doing, and acting (for the most part) just like everyone else. With the same dreams about falling in love, having a home and being successful in their lives.

While over here in the Fluther corner, me and @Leanne1986 are the straight gals worshipping Barbra Streisand and Fran Drescher, and shouting, “Aren’t they fabulous!?”

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That Koreans have small penises. (proceeds to drop pants and drawers)

Okay so I’m only half, but still.

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Same as @Simone_De_Beauvoir,‘s which is all the funnier because I’m a man. People don’t think men can ascribe to the ideas of feminism, for some reason.

That because I’m a back-to-the-earth hippy (in some peoples’ words, not mine so much), that I must be a non-violent vegetarian. When in fact I’m a heavily armed militant and hunter (I’m admittedly bad at hunting, but I try).

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That since I’m Russian, I must be a heavy drinker.

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@KatetheGreat and you must be a bear on a unicycle.

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@DrBill what’s an oic?

@Mikewlf337 How’d ya know? ;)

DrBill's avatar

That is a typo for Picture

Mikewlf337's avatar

@KatetheGreat because you are Russian and we all know that Russia is populated only by bears on unicycles. and I agree with @DrBill That is a very nice pic of you. :)

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Alaskans don’t live in igloos. :)

Mikewlf337's avatar

@AshLeigh yeah they do, everyone knows that.

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That the English are walking Monty Python skits.

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^ XD
That English people all talk in the same accent.
They don’t. You go to the neighboring city and people there will talk way different than you. England’s full of different accents.

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Umm… No we don’t. :P

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@jailbait I know, right? My partner’s father will do a really bad impression of a cockney accent every time he hears any English accent. It could be super-proper Queen’s English, and he’ll do a cockney accent.

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I’m from New Jersey. Need I say more??? Where’s that little penguin when I need her?

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That us blokes from the north east of England, who happen to like our football & beer are loud, uncultured, drunken louts. Well i’m here to tell ya that I for one, do not fit that bill except on Saturday’s ;¬}

MilkyWay's avatar

@incendiary_dan lol!
@ucme Yes, except on saturdays XD

ucme's avatar

@jailbait Whassa ya say…hic…..gawd bless ya m’dear….hic ;¬}

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Men mustn’t shave their body/pubic hair because women like that.

Men with longer hair are sissy.

Women who wear more pants than skirts are tomboy.

You’re childish if you still love candies and sweets.

Magician (those who play tricks) who dressed all black have black magic/spirit/miracle powers.

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@DrBill and @Mikewlf337 Thank you very much. That is very sweet of you two and I am flattered. :)

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Women who are hotter than average are easy sluts.
Still learning to laugh at that one though.

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

That every vote counts

Feminist are all about unilateral equality across the board.

All the rich got rich by stepping on the poor.

The government workers are public servants.

That society in general is not vindictive and they are a forgiving bunch.

That every girl that don’t dress hoochie ain’t hoochie.

That women look for toward personality then men.

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@jailbait and every single one of those multitudes of awesome British accents are damn sexy sounding to us Americans! ; – ) Squeeeeeee!

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That being pro-choice means you’d probably be wishy-washy when it comes to your own pregnancy, therefore, you can’t be trusted to keep and have a child even if it was planned. Sounds extreme, but I’ve seen it right here on Fluther. There was a thread a while back where a bunch of pro-lifers said they wouldn’t want to start a family with a pro-choicer because they couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t decide to abort the child at any time. Facepalm. Just because a person believes that women should have control over their own reproductive organs doesn’t mean they automatically have or would get an abortion themselves or be so nonchalant over such a decision or seek it out of impulse if they get “cold feet”. It also doesn’t mean they would make awful mothers because they ‘hate babies’ or that they value having a family any less than anyone else.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pregnancy to nip because it conflicts with my vacation to Hawaii. Maybe it’ll work out better next time. * rolls eyes *

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There’s a Goth store in Montréal called Cruella.
One of the clerks once told me that some people believe hard as stone that this store is open until like four am. I thought it was hilarious.
Maybe not quite what you’re asking for, but I really had to share.

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Gun owners (or owners of large vehicles) are “compensating.”

Trust me. I don’t have to compensate for anything. ;-*

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That tall kids automatically played basketball in school. I swear when I was a teenager, every single adult I met would ask me if I played ball. Ugh, didn’t they know only jock assholes played sports in Jr. High?

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Renters are loud, obnoxious shits who don’t take care of the property they live on.

many of my favorites have been mentioned above, just adding something new

@Vunessuh I’ve always felt that someone who was pro-choice wouldn’t have a problem with having an abortion. I’d never think they were wishy washy. I’ve always felt in the minority because I am pro-choice, yet I’d never have an abortion myself.

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my comment sounds very wishy washy, please forgive me, it’s late:)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@jonsblond You and I are both in that minority.

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I am a female studying engineering, who is a math pro, who loves video games and the internet, therefore I don’t exist. ;)

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The stereotype that Germans lack a sense of humor. Ha! How ridiculous!

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@mattbrowne Then why do they smack me everytime I crack a holocaust joke? (okay, I know, bad taste)

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I have no favorites.. Everybody makes me laugh.

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My absolute favourite is the stereotypical gender associations. For example, the idea that certain colours “belong” to a gender. I happen to love wearing my Manly Salmon golf polo lol.

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@King_Pariah – Well, some jokes are taboo in one country but not another.

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I thought my father was going to have a seizure the first time he saw me wearing a pink shirt

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LOL ya I think it’s such a sad commentary on the state of gender roles!

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@Schroedes13 my favorite color is purple.

Schroedes13's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard my favourite colour is blue. But still can’t understand why, only on the basis of colour selection, some people might consider my choice more masculine than yours.

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@Schroedes13 because blue is the color of dissatisfied balls longing to burst upon the belly of a whore, which is decidedly manly, whereas purple is the color of drapes?

Hell if I know.

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damn drapes…..that’s probably the key to this whole mystery!

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GRAPES, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard , purple is the color of GRAPES.

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