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What is your opinion on the documentary "Dark Mission"?

Asked by kourkoubini (124points) July 2nd, 2011

If you have seen “Dark Mission” and have formed an opinion could you please share it with me? I saw it and I have many questions left unanswered by the NASA officials. I want to discuss this matter with someone who saw the documentary. I do not care about what your opinion is if you have not seriously/thourougly searched the matter.
If you want to see the documentary and then share your opinion here it is in two parts:
and the second:
It lasts almost for four hours

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I don’t have time to watch, but if it is based on Hoagland’s book, Dark Mission, I’ve read the book and watched a lot of Hoagland online.

I personally think Hoagland is a mix of real evidence of photo manipulation along with a hint of either mistaken assertions or outright disinformation. In particular, his belief that the moon is covered with giant, geometic glass structures is pretty readily and IMHO far more plausibly explained by Jay Weidner as a giant glass bead curtain that was a precursor to the Hollywood green screen. Once you learn to recognize the projected background, it’s difficult to not see it in photos.

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@obvek So you say that the photos shown on the documentary are fake? Cause i found the same photos on the NASA webpage and furthermore the NASA officials and also many other people on both sides commented on the photos shown without any complains about the authenticity

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Not sure if I saw “Dark Mission” is it anything like “Moon Rising”?

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This looks like compelling evidence to me. But photographs can be altered easily. Since the Russians were monitoring the Apollo Missions closely and concur that they did happened as claimed, I’m inclined to think that they did happen also and the U.S.A. was the first to walk on the Moon.

Naysayer’s will never be happy with any evidence. Even if Russia or China sends a manned mission to Earth’s Moon and finds evidence of the Apollo Mission with the base on the lunar lander, American flag, foot steps, tire tracks, cigarette butts, etc. still there. People will still not believe that the Apollo Mission put boots on the our Moon. They’ll likely say that there must be a conspiracy coverup.

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@kourkoubini, I didn’t watch the documentary; I’m basing my opinion on my reading of the book by the same name and other reading. I think authentic photos released by NASA contain artifacts that are best explained by “moon hoax” type theories. There are giant spires in some authentic photos of the moon’s horizon, and there are prism-like artifacts as well as glassy/crystal apparitions that are evident when the authentic photos are filtered using certain photoshop tools. The authentic photos are also remarkably composed, especially when you consider that the astronauts were restricted by their space suits. And, (again) there are plenty of examples of the use of a primitive green screen (including the fact that everything- foreground and background- is in focus) if you know what to look for.

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