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I've got a bouquet of dried red roses hanging upside down from a wire hanger. Now what?

Asked by SamIAm (8698points) July 2nd, 2011

They’ve been sprayed with hairspray (I think, can’t remember) and now something else has to be done with them.


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My mother did this with the roses given to her by her (now) husband when he asked her to marry him. She let them dry for about two weeks and then stored them a flower box. She now brings them out on the anniversary of their engagement every year, tied together with a red satin ribbon.

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If they are not sprayed (if you can figure that out), you can make a wonderful aged potpourri with dried roses. Layer them with kosher salt in a glass container, and sprinkle each layer with rum (vodka would probably work too, but rum smells better.) Seal the jar and let age in a dark place. After a couple of weeks, stir it up, and continue to age until it smells fantastic. You can also add some spices like cinnamon and cloves to this. I can’t wait until I am in Portland where there is actually an abundance of roses and I can make this again!

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Put them in a shadow box and make a collage with photos and momentoes of a special occasion…or family photos….or…...?

Make a circlet of them and hang them on your door (or wall inside) as a delicate wreath…adding baby’s breath.

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You could put them in a glass vase with some small pine cones and other dried stuff. It will make a nice potpourri which looks as well as smells nice.

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There is a place here in my town that will seal flowers in a glass dome. They will stay forever in there – I think it’s vacuum sealed. If the flowers are really special, you could look into it.

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