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How can I get rid of whiteheads?

Asked by DeneeseLePiece (2points) April 28th, 2008
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Wash every night. That’s your #1 best bet. Other than that you can go to a dermatologist and have cream prescribed to kill your skin :p

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Don’t touch the skin with your hands! Squeezing pimples, scratching at them and picking at the skin are often the cause of painful pimples and smaller pimples becoming inflamed or more infected and fulled with oozy goooey…. yucky stuff.

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Have a professional do it. See an Esthetician and follow his/her directions. You don’t want to scar your face.

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I second PeeDub (ignore buster and Ice- they’re in their silly mode.) A dermatologist is best, altho I don’t know what an Esthetician is. (PW)

Guys, stop being mean. This is a reasonable question from someone who is dealing w. acne…not fun at any age. Talk to each other and not us.

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gail, an esthetician just specializes in skin, mainly facials.

Deneese don’t pick at your face, as addicting as it is!!!!!

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@TheHaight; Is the Est. trained to deal w. acne and related issues? If it were my daughter or me, I would see a Dermatologist (and she and I have, over the years.)

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@Busta- Yep, my ex girlfriend is one of those pros.
@Gail- Ultimately a Dermatologist is the person to consult first, as they can diagnose the problem and prescribe medicine. They will, at times, write a prescription to see an Esthetician, who will extract the pimples, etc..

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i dont see paying someone a bunch of money to do something i can do in three seconds.

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@Buster: Exactly. Why bother going to a specialist about that heart operation when I have my kitchen knives and a garden pump? I don’t need to see the dental hygienist, I have my toothbrush for that. I don’t need to go to the hairdresser, I have scissors for that. I don’t need to go to the tailors, I stole that sewing kit from the hotel last week so I can do it myself. Why would anyone, ever, pay for services they could do themselves?

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Try Lady Clairol

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Seriously? ProActive is fo shizzle

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You’re a chizzle.

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