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Can you suggest some interesting, low maintance privacy shrubs?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43353points) July 2nd, 2011

We’re going to be moving to the country when we get our house sold. We’ve had a contingency offer on a house out there for a year. The house comes with 3 acres, but there are 10 acres all together. Much of that land is just scruffy Kansas grassland, and I’d like to plant some sort of bush or shrub around our section so that it looks nice and you don’t have to see anything you don’t want to.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been looking. I found some that seemed interesting. Anyone know anything about red or yellow twig dogwood shrubs?

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Dogwoods like lots of water but are beautiful. They are pretty slow-growing though- at least the Western ones are. Do you know what climate zone your new house is in? You might want to look into poplars if they do well in your zone- they are attractive and very fast-growing.

You might try this plant finder.

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According to what I’ve read I’m in zone 5, 6. Or 6,7. Poplars get really tall, though, and they don’t have foliage on their lower trunks so I’d be looking right through them…right?

Thanks Cris…I’ll go look at your links, LinkQueen! : )

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Cris! No matter what I put in, it tells me to get Abelia!! I plug in shrubs, semi-evergreen…hell I plugged in “orchids” and it sent me to Abelia!

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I had a red twig dogwood and @crisw is right, it was a painfully s l o w grower. Not sure if you really want trees or shrubs. I have a euonymous manhattan (info here) that looks like a deciduous plant (bright green leaves) but it is actually an evergreen. They grow very fast and are extremely easy to cultivate (cut of a stem at a bract and stick in soil more or less). The leaves are shiny and bright and thick and would pretty much fill in to block the view.

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How tall do they get? I’m wanting at least 6 ft. (I booked marked that, @Kayak8. They’re pretty. Thanks!)

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Another is black lace elderberry. This is a plant I am adding to my own garden to block out a pesky neighbor.

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Columnar poplars, like Lombardy poplars, have foliage down nearly to the ground and can be trimmed to any height.

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You might want to look into various ornamental bamboo species that can do well in Zone 6 (most of Kansas).

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