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What would happen if I restored my computer to the month and year that I bought it?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43079points) July 2nd, 2011

? Would it run any faster? Or would I lose all of my pictures and files? What would it do? Would it make me younger too?

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Dutchess_III it would run faster.

Probably the first time you logged on, it would synch up the time and date automagically.

You would then have to re-install everything which will take a few hours. It will, however, run faster.

And make you younger.

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You’ll keep any files such as pic/music/video but loose any programs that were installed in that time. And as @Imadethisupwithnoforethought said it will run faster

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I’m trying to think of what I’ve ever uploaded that I would miss.

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If you went through the trouble I would just install a clean version of Windows on it. Fuck all the crap Dell/HP/Sony installs.

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As far as i know, all the software and programs that were installed after that day will be uninstalled automatically- But all your data- files and folders, will remain unaffected.

So your computer will work faster in the absence of all the software that you had installed, but many of your files which use particular software that got uninstalled due to system restore will not open properly.
(e.g. You might have installed dejavu software to run djvu files [like pdf files open in adobe reader].. and system restore will remove dejavu software so that your djvu files will have no program to open in)
So keep the setup files of all software that you will need to reinstall handy in one folder- thus these setup files will remain intact after system restore.

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You would rip a hole in the fabric of time/space and I would get a second chance to send last month’s energy bill in on time.

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My experience is that one of three things will happen:

1) You will run into the problems that @krrazypassions points out.
2) Nothing. Nothing at all.
3) Failure; it will say it can’t roll back.

In other words, nothing good, and likely nothing at all.

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