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Solutions to tired feet?

Asked by kateums (85points) July 2nd, 2011

I am currently running 4+ miles 4 days a week. Also, I work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. And my feet are KILLING me. From the knee down, I am in pain. I’ve tired soaking in the bath, which is not very effective. Ideas?

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From the knee down? Do you have a history of shin splints? Are you wearing good shoes?

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You need to check the support of your shoes, perhaps get orthotics from a podiatrist (NOT the Dr Scholl’s type you get in a drug store).

And get your significant other to give you foot massages.

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You might have flat feet. Seeing a podiatrist is probably your best bet.

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Stop running!
There are many great workouts that involve a mixed routine of walking briskly and maybe short bursts of running, jogging.
Running is very hard on a lot of body parts, feet and legs obviously.

At least take a break, and, if you can, get a hot tub. Works wonders.

I put my feet up against the jets and it’s like a full body orgasm. lol

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Do you have cushions for the inside of your shoe Maybe you’re wearing the wrong kind of shoe?
Can you cut back to 2 times a week of running? If you’re feet are hurting that bad, you need to give them a rest.
Try massaging your kness, feet and legs. Try just soaking your feet only in a small container with hot water.

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I generally run 3 times a week and swim twice (bike too). I occasionally suffer from shin splints . When they kick up, I will swim and bike more and run less until the pain stops.

Do make sure you are wearing shoes that are appropriate for your type of stride and posture. I love the feel of compression knee socks, they seem to keep the pain at bay also.

I have been doing it now for about 35 years. Don’t push yourself too hard, there is always next week and next year.

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This is what I do and this is where you get the tape. I have had serious debilitating pain from a broken ankle that was surgically repaired (and three nerves were cut in the process). I get about 40% of my pain relief through taping (but constrictive taping is not helpful). I tape my leg and foot in a specific fashion my PT showed me and it is just flat out amazing the difference in how I feel. And the good feeling lasts even after I remove the tape.

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I am wearing the correct shoes; I got fitted professionally. And my problem is not shin splints. I am just extremely sore from my knee down, particularly my feet.

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Foot massage will really help.

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I used to work full time in a grocery store, and I understand what you mean about the pain. They provided supportive, sturdy rubber mats for us to stand on, but that didn’t help enough.

I had orthopedic inserts made from the shape of my feet, and cortizone shots to my heels, and that helped for a while, but the only thing that helped long-term was quitting that job. I wish I had quit sooner, before the damage was so permanent. Even though I quit five years ago, I still have occasional pain, especially when I’ve been off my feet for a long period (sleeping, or at my desk job) and stand up to go somewhere. It still hurts like that for a few minutes until everything gets stretched out.

I know it’s not really very practical advice, to stop damaging yourself when you probably need your job. It’s a trade-off, though: what you need now, to how much future pain you are willing to risk.

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Soak your feet in this! It will help.

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You’re probably standing and walking (and running) wrong, because basically everyone in our culture does. We’re taught to step from heel to toe, but our bodies are designed to walk from the ball to the heel, which is usually called fox walking. Walk and stand this way, with the knees slightly bent rather than locking them.

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Have you studied your pronation and foot planting style? Good shoes won’t keep you from injuring yourself if you have a pronation that’s awkward for your body weight and/or stride.

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