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Do you say crockpot or slowcooker? Pop or soda? Kleenex or tissue? Toliet, restroom or bathroom?

Asked by AshlynM (10154points) July 2nd, 2011


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Being a Southerner rocks.

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Crockpot, soda, tissue, bathroom

I grew up hearing slowcooker, pop, Kleenex™ and bathroom.

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I gotta pee

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I say tissue and Kleenex

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Bathroom at home, restroom in public.

Is that odd?

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Oh yeah, I like to call the bathroom the W.C. sometimes just to be pretentious screw with people’s heads.

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Soft drink

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Soft drink

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My husband calls Acetaminophen “aspirin”. He once mentioned giving our son aspirin, who was a baby at the time, to my mother. She about had a heart attack. She said “You know you shouldn’t give a baby aspirin!”.

He still calls Tylenol aspirin. lol

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I don’t think I’ve ever said toliet. When I went to South Africa, the bathroom is known as the toliet. At least that’s what the signs said.

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Slow cooker
Soft drink (I would have said pop when I was in the UK)

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Crock pot, both, Kleenex, bathroom (most often)

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Crock pot, soda, Kleenex, bathroom :)

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Crock pot
Pop, but sometimes I like to mix it up with soda
Bathroom/restroom/ladies/I’m gonna go pee (really depends on how polite I feel I should be).

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Crock pot, over slow cooker
Soda over pop.
Tissue over Kleenex.
The John, the lou, or tha crapper over everthing else.

Added note:
Skillet over fry pan.
pancakes over flapjacks
Remote over channel changer.
Computer over PC.
Monitor over screen.
Ren drive over thumb drive.
Fuel or petro more than gas
Cat over kitty
Quilt over comforter
Cutlery if they are nice, knives if they are cheap.
Bucket over pail.
Box cutter over utility knife.
Sneackers over tennis shoes.
Chair over seat.

just saying.

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In Australia the bathroom (or room in which you take a bath or shower) is often separate from the toilet, so I have learned to say toilet instead. The rest seem to be the same here, so no need to change.

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Non-applicable, soda, toilet paper, bathroom.
Frying pan—————————Stove over grill
Pancakes—————————-Mugs over cups
Remote——————————-Timepiece over watch
Computer—————————-Pan over cookie sheet
Screen——————————-Laptop over notebook
Stick drive—————————Binder over notebook
Gas————————————Dish over saucer
Cat————————————Rope over lanyard
Comforter—————————-Folder over envelope
Knives———————Sandwich over hero
Bucket——————————-ID over driver’s license
Box cutter—————————Eating utensils over silverware
Sneakers—————————-Shampoo over shower gel
Chair———————————Both over Bolth =D

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Snot wipes

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@ucme, OMG, you reminded me. When I was a really little, I had a Southern relative who’d say “snot rag” for tissue.

“Baby, do me a favah, go ovah theah and gimme that snot rag.” I’d do it, but my young self was appalled.

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I call them snot rags, too. Apparently I use a lot of extra words to describe singular items…. I hadn’t really noticed until this thread.

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Bathroom, or restroom if I don’t know the person

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Crockpot, soda, Kleenex (usually), bathroom.

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Stove __________________Fast food over Junk Food
Mugs ___________________Booze over Alcohol
Timepiece ________________Egg timer over Hour Glass
Pan _____________________Box over carton depending
Laptop ___________________CPU over Computer Chip
Binder ____________________Notepad over Memo book.
Dish ____________________Ladle over Pourer
Rope ____________________Fasteners over Screws and Nails
Folder ____________________Cardex over Rolordex
Sandwich ___________________Dagwood over Poorboy
ID ____________________Card over Plastic
Eating utensils _______________Oil over Grease
Shampoo __________________Slippers over House shoes
Both ________________________Boink over f***.
:-P ;-P

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Because I’m a cooking geek I will use crockpot, when referring to a slow cooker that has and eathenware “crock” and the heating element around the outsides of the crock, and I will use the term slow cooker for a slow cooker that has the heating element on the bottom (and is not made from crockery, but usually metal). They are slightly different and the cooking times and method will vary, according to which item you are using.

Soda or Soft Drinks (but never Pop or Coke, as in the question, What kind of Coke do you want?)


Bathroom (at home with relatives or friends) Restoom (when out with males, or people that I have just met) and Ladies Room (when out with older people, or people who I think might be squeamish or more genteel) or Potty when asking my cat or little kids if they need to go

Pancakes instead of Hotcakes or Flapjacks

Submarine Sandwich instead of Torpedo

Hotdogs instead of Wieners

Wienerdogs instead of Dachsunds

German Shepherd instead of Alsatian

Beets instead of Beetroot

Frosting instead of Topping

Stuffing instead of Dressing (even though I would never put stuffing or dressing inside of a bird, I always cook it separately in a casserole dish)

Lunch instead of Dinner (at the noon hour)

Dinner instead of Supper (in the evening)

Couch instead of Sofa

Spare Room instead of Guest Room

Barbecuing for anything (meat, fish or fowl, or hotdogs, or vegetables) that are cooked on an outdoor grill.

Grilling for any of those same items that are cooked on an inside grill on the stove.

Greenbeans instead of Stringbeans

Shopping Cart instead of Trolley or Wagon

Lunchmeat (for sliced turkey and ham) and Coldcuts (for bologna and salami) and sliced Roastbeef is kind of in it’s own category called Stuff for Sandwiches (which includes cheese and lettuce and tomatoes and sliced onions)

Skates for ice skates Roller Skates for roller skates or roller blades and the term Skater is only used for ice skaters never for skate boarders

Takeout instead of Fast Food and never Takeaway

Brush your teeth instead of Wash your teeth, and never Warsh anything

I Often do certain things, but I never Off-Ten do anything

I have never had a Prostate exam, but I have had several exams where I was Prostrate

And even though I enjoy a good caffeine buzz, I have never had a cup of Expresso, but I have had, on occasion, a nice cup of Espresso

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Slow cooker
Bathroom at home, washroom in public.

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I love how it says “Rival” on the Crock Pot.
I feel like they’re glaring at each other . . .

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