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Which do you think is worse: Elderly abuse or child abuse?

Asked by AshlynM (10183points) July 3rd, 2011

This is physical.

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Abuse is abuse, in my opinion. Both are horrid.

However, if there has to be a worse one, it would depend on the severity of the physical abuse – not so much the age of the victim. It would also depend on the person’s ability to defend themselves and communicate the abuse to someone else.

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I can’t say it any better than Plucky. I keep going back and forth between child and elder—I’d think child, no elder, no child, no elder—- I agree it has to do with ability to defend themselves. Some 3 year olds are much more able to defend themselves than some 97 year olds.

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Beating an old lady with a small child would seem to be an option you left out, but rather than call false dichotomy, I will say child abuse is worse, simply because their capability to suffer is the same, but their capability to understand is deminished, and that adds a new level of cruelty to it for me.

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@poisonedantidote Yes, but there are many elderly people who have a reduced ability to understand as well – the older they are, the more likely it can be. I get your point though.

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Is there a third option? I mean, they’re equally terrible.

Why are we choosing?

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Child….by far,

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One group doesn’t have it over another.
They are both bad.

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They are both equally punishable by hanging the bastards by the neck with rusty razor wire until they are dead.

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I think child because they will most likely be traumatized for the rest of their lives, and perhaps ruined as far as their ability to form relationships, hold a good job, stay out of the legal system, etc.

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Both are despicable but I agree with @poisonedantidote in that a child would have less ability to reason through their suffering or to be able to diminish the emotional impact than an older person who still has their faculties.

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I share George Bernard Shaw’s view: be careful with young people, you do not know what they will become. Or words to that effect. I have not been able to trace the quote.

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I’m sorry, this isn’t an either/or thpe answer. They are both abhorrent.

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I agree with @jca. Child abuse has more far-reaching consequences on the victim’s life and future (although elder abuse is still horrible).

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