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You can’t get ‘rid’ of sunburns, you can only soothe your skin and aid in its healing. Aloe vera is the most commonly used ointment for this purpose. If you’ve got a particularly bad sunburn, you can try an aloe-lidocaine gel, which will temporarily help with the pain.

Stay out of the sun and baby your skin until it’s healed and feeling better.

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All is said than can be said. I totally agree with @MissAnthrope.

Maybe just… Be careful taking baths and showers. Make these lukewarm at best. If you use certain medication, like doxicyclin, keep in ind that they may increase your sensitivity to light and sunburn.

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Constantly applying Aloe Vera and an oscillating fan on high… If you do this for an entire day the pain should be gone by the next day

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An oatmeal bath and cooled tea are also decent methods to reduce the pain and/or itch. Nothing will make the actual burn go away except time, though.

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You can’t “get rid” of them so quickly. You just have to do what you can to ease the pain, take it easy, and wait it out.

I use a cooling gel to help. There are many by different brands. The one I use has a little bit of novacaine in it to numb the pain for a bit as well as aloe vera to help sooth the skin. I always put it on if I get sunburned.

Be sure to use more sunblock next time!

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100% Aloe will bring some relief. Mostly you just wait it out.

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There is no getting rid of sun burn, you can only make it feel better.

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Like others said, you can’t get rid of it. But, you can help it heal quickly and with less pain. Anything that moisturizes is good, so more shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, not so much anything with petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Aloe is good for soothing, but should be paired with a stronger moisturizer like shea butter. If you have any body butter laying around that doesn’t have petroleum or mineral oil, use that.

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Aethelfaed pretty much hit it on the head. You can’t get rid of sunburn because it’s a reaction to damage already done. Use lotions with aloe vera and wear loose clothing. Don’t use creams or petroleum, or oils because they are known to make a seal on your skin that prevents it from breathing (airing out) and that would be counter-productive. If the burn is to a level where it starts to peel, then that’s when you can start using regular stuff.

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The best thing I’ve ever used for sunburns is a tea tree extract and aloe vera gel. Very soothing and promoted healing.

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Well thanks but still .. I forgot to add that who has sunburns is allergic to a lot of medicine and if we had apply aloevera extracts she’d get a rush [ big and annoying one ] .
I mostly wanted home made remedies and natural medicine .. the tea one was good to wash after the yougurt started to harden on the skin ^^

I didn’t had time to explain that we know it’s impossible to remove the burn sensation and that it takes time for the skin to heal but it’s okay now since most figured it out .

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Thanks for replies though.

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