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How do I get my band director to choose me for section leader?

Asked by JessK (599points) July 3rd, 2011

I’m a rising junior and I REALLY want to be section leader my senior year. I have a very good shot at it, too. I’m the best flute player of my year (even though I’ll be playing piccolo) and by my senior year I will have marched all 4 years. I’m a pretty good marcher, although last year I was definitely not. I improved a lot in general last year. How do I get my band director to notice me? I want to show them that I would be a good section leader, but I’m not really sure how to do that without overstepping my bounds.

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Practice practice practice. do you know your formations backwards and forwards? Do you know where everyone in your section is supposed to be?

Is it possible to ask over the summer when the selections will be made, and if there are auditions? Let him know you are interested.

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Why not tell your band director about your ambitions and ask what you need to do to get the position? If you’re planning to go to music school and the other members of your section aren’t, that might also be a good reason to pick you over other people (since it would actually be good on your application).

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Bake him cookies…and act very interested in the position. Prove to him that you deserve it.

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being a section leader is just that, a leadership position, helping others to improve, better themselves and yourself in the process. being at every practice ON TIME, and acting like a section leader without being appointed. Take the initiative during sectionals to help the freshmen develop their musicianship as well as their marching and you will be noticed without having to even do anything. When your section looks to you for leadership, the director will notice.

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