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Would you like to attend Coloma's 4th of July cocktail party tonight?

Asked by Coloma (47110points) July 3rd, 2011

Gate to the micro-farm opens at 6pm PST.
I shall be beating the heat with some refreshing beverage, most likely Champagne cocktails. Join me for the California cocktail hour before I saddle up and hit the cold hot tub trail at sunset. :-D

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Celebrated my 4th yesterday. 10 hours in the park, wonderful fireworks on the lake, and tonight, I am planning my own little celebration on this 100 degree day. Off to market to pick up supplies, and the Happy hour out west begins in approx. 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Come one, come all….come on up to the country for California cocktail hour at Colomas place.

Casual dress, and no wandering off into the woods without a chaperone.

Hope to see you! :-D

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If I bring a chaperone, okey dokey to wander into the woods with her then ?
What a friendly place!

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Sure. Why not? If I leave now, I might get there by tomorrow morning. Party will still be going on, right?

Travel expenses will be reimbursed 100%, right?

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Thanks for the invite, but I’m too far away.

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Thank you so much for the invitation. Sign me up. I’ll even bring a bottle of flavored vodka, fruit juice, and a special dip. Just know that I’m not going near the hot tub unless you thoroughly clean and sterilize it. I know what shenanigans you have been up to in there.

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I will attend via fluther. Can’t wait to meet the geese.

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I am virtually there already!

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That sounds wonderful, especially the champagne cocktails! Over here in one of Earth’s more celebrated calderas, we’ll be toiling into the late hours so a virtual rsvp it will have to be.

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I guess if @Kardamom is going, then I have to since she’s apparently ‘my girl’, and probably a lot more upset by that than I am, even though I had planned to stay in tonight and watch a ball game. So, should I virtually bring anything? Or may I bring virtually anything?

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I’m there! What can I bring with me?

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I’ll be there, should I bring broccoli florets and blue cheese dip? Maybe some carrots sticks?

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Do we have to wear pants?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies If you have to ask, the answer’s always “yes”!

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@WasCy You are going to buy me a virtual corsage aren’t you? ; – )

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I thought virtuality was its own reward.

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Include me in, but can you turn down the heat a little? I shall be arriving with 100 fish suppers and 50 litres of Irn Bru.

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Woo Hoo!

Looks like a fine turnout!

Bring anything you want, no chaperones now, chaperone yourself. lol

Hot tubs cold and sparkley…no feathers in my watery little nest.

All expenses paid, clothing optional, but maybe wait til everyone is good and lit haha

Geese greeting committee all set.

In honor of all the enthusiastic RSVP’s the party has been bumped up 2 hours.

We shall start at 4pm PST now.

I am ahead of my own schedule here and have just returned from the only ‘to do’s’ of the day.

Hey, it’s a holiday weekend…ONlY 2 hours to go and, I must accomodate my East coast and overseas guests!

Get your party outfits in order!

See ya at 4 pm SHARP! :-D

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Thanks for introducing me (us, if anyone else wants to join) in some delightful ads. I’ve no idea what Irn Bru tastes like, but the adverts are great.

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The time has been bumped up? Shoot. I may need to hitch a ride with one of the UK Jellies that has access to a Tardis.

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4:01 pm..CHEERS!

Just came in from some goose play up on the hill and have my first refreshing cocktail in hand.

It’s okay to be fashionably late!:-D

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Oh man! Wish I would have known earlier, Coloma… would have been there with beers in tow. ;)

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It’s not too late, but you will have to tow, tow, tow your own beer boat. lol

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Mmmm..cranberry juice and champagne with a dash of fresh lime.

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I am so there! I will bring a big bottle of Grey Goose of course, kabobs and homemade coleslaw! See ya in a bit!

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Yay! Cruisers coming! Fire up the barbie
Coloma is floating splish splash. lol

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I’ll be there in spirit man. So what are those woods like? You really need a chaperone to go in them? They’re that badass?

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Nah…just full of poison oak, rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

Just don’t rub Cruiser kabobs all over yourself before you go for a stroll at dusk. lol—

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Dude, mountain lions? Sweet!

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Oh yeah, they see you but you might not see them.
Oops, double symbelines…cocktail #3 has just been poured. ;-D

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Well…you guy’s are party poopers! :P

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Well then…prepare double cocktail rations please. :D

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I’ll bring the Jim Beam and the Maker’s Mark. Champagne just don’t do it for me.

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But of course, a studly young man must drink like a stud! haha ;-)

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I’m on my way! Is it ok if I bring a homemade chocolate cherry cake?

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Oooh, you will be the guest of honor!

That sounds amazing!


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Alrighty it’s happenin’ here in Marwynville…I have sooo much cold water going on…bring a beachball! :-D

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That’ll do…too bloody hot over here. ’‘brings a million beach balls’’

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Yay! Beach balls!
I just put the hose over my head in the hot tub, waaaah, refreshing it was!

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I could go for that…bloody hot as Satan’s oven up in this bitch. :(
I think that my hair is seeping into my back.

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Same here, .but, cooling down now coming up on 8.

Fill up your tubby with cold water and have a slurpee! Gotta lower your core temp to corpse level. lol

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Corpse level. Love that. :)

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It works! Force yourself into some ice cold water and stay there for about 15 minutes, you’ll be ‘cool’ for hours! haha

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D’oh. I’m on the other side of the world…

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I had to leave so fast, I forgot to bring something. Well, only my Borat thong. Ok, never mind. I’m going home. I wouldn’t want to chase everyone away. Damn! This thing is like the ultimate wedgie. I don’t know how that guy made that movie. :(

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I’m here! With my SoCo!

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I would love to but I think the event might be over before I get there :)

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Okay, it’s the morning after, and a beautiful morning it is!
I’ll take breakfast orders now.
Making veggie quesadillas and potato salad for breakfast. :-D

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Sweet! Looks like I arrived just in time!

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Thanks for the invite! We spent our 4th in the pool at our house watching fireworks from 3 different towns in the area. There were many farms letting off their own supply of fireworks too. We had a great view of it all.

Party at the blondesfarm next year. Just bring your tent and byob. :D

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