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Does anyone believe in that 2012 Mayan calendar doomsday prediction?

Asked by solarisq (6points) April 28th, 2008 from iPhone

Mayan calander, iching, time wave zero

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Y2K, C2K, I’m OK, Your’e OK.

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NO! remember Y2K and that guy a few years before that and the one before that that said the end is near?

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I was just going to do that gail. You beat me to it.
The 2012 thing is getting old.

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I’m sure lots of people do. Some people will believe anything.

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And what, pray tell, is “iching”?

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Were you watching The History Channel today? And no, I don’t believe it.

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There’s most-likely been faulty “dooms day” predictions since the beginning of time.

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It’s got to be true! I read about it in the enquirer!

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This is why I suggested that a new feature for this site might be that when one is typing a question, the server can perform a quick keyword search of the archives and then suggest something like “your question is similar to this one (link) and this one (link). Are you sure you want to ask your question?”

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Good idea. Before posting, it goes to a quarantine page like when you submit a link to Digg.

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@PupnTaco. I’m no computer expert, but I feel that the beauty of this site is the real time aspect of posing a question and getting answers. If the questions were quarantined for some period of time to be cleared by a moderator, that might reduce the likelihood that people would stick around and see if their question is answered. I just like the idea of the site performing a quick search and highlighting similar questions (much like the Siblings section) BEFORE someone decides to post a question. Oh, and sorry everyone if this is a bit off topic about doomsday, but it seems like this particular thread has become a little bit about the issue “this question has been posed before…”

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It will end when gas reaches $5.75 a gallon. About mid October, this year.

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I didn’t mean to imply moderation. Digg checks a link and content against its existing database and if it’s been submitted already, it won’t allow a duplicate. Or if it’s a near-match, it asks you to confirm the content is new.

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Thanks PupnTaco. I clearly showed my lack of experience with Digg. Like I said, “I’m no computer expert…”

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ive been doing research I do believe something will happen but only time will tell

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Alina1235— I agree. Something big is going to happen, some sea change in the the way the world works and grows. I don’t think we’ll see the apocalypse or anything, but I do think that there are lots of signs (not just the 2012 prediction) pointing to a lot of very large-scale changes in our thinking in the semi-near future.

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@Bear; please define semi-near future.

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I’m thinking in the next 20 years or so. You know, peak oil, depletion of fisheries, the decline of the American empire. I just feel like we’re at a tipping point right now.

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@bear; things are certainly worrisome. I do fear for the next generation and their kids, on all fronts. It is too depressing to repeat what we all worry about.

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