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Why was my debit card rejected on the UK Amazon site?

Asked by AshlynM (10189points) July 3rd, 2011

I’ve used my card via paypal on Ebay and bought something from the UK before without problems.

But buying something from Amazon’s UK site is different. They do accept American credit cards. I’ve bought a game on there before without problems. But this time my card was rejected.

This is a card I’ve been using in real life without problems.

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Was it for something really expensive? I know my card has a limit where it’ll reject it if I try to buy something really expensive (like a laptop).

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No, it was a DS game. It was like $25 USD.

I am in the U. S.

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Paying for the items on Ebay with PayPal is not the same as using your debit directly on Amazon UK.
Also some debit cards are NOT recognized as a valid form of payment for INTERNATIONAL business. Because of stolen ID’s and false reproduction debit cards.

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