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In what ways are you self-sufficient?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13386points) July 3rd, 2011

I teach and promote wilderness living and self-sufficiency skills, and sometimes I wonder how self-sufficient other people are. How capable are you of taking care of yourself and your close family/close friend group? In what ways can/do you meet needs without money? Do you grow your own food, and could you grow a large portion of your diet if you needed to? Do you know what berries are poisonous? Sew or knit? Repair your own car or home? That sort of thing.

Do bears beat beats?

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I’m an urban chick, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t last a second in the wild. It’s not because I wouldn’t be able to learn how to hunt, build a shelter and everything. It’s because I don’t have enough, if any at all, knowledge about what’s in the wild and how to deal with it. If I had to learn through trial and error on the spot, I’d poison myself or get fucked up by a bear.

In the city though, say I was homeless or something, I know I could look after myself. I don’t have that many skills, but if I’m allowed to brag for a bit, I am pretty street wise. When there’s an emergency or something that needs quick dealing with, I don’t fuck around. If I can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can assist me. That may or may not help me in the wild; how many random people would I come across in some big ol forest? :/

However, were I stuck in the wild, I’d do what I can to come out. My dad once said this to me;

Listen up little lady, if for some weird ass reason you ever get lost in a forest, wait for night, climb the highest tree you can find, and look for city lights on the horizon. Then head in that general direction in daytime.

There’s worse than me, I’m sure lol.

If zombies invaded though, that’s something else…

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I have no self sufficiency skills. However, I am low maintenance and like to take care of others and learn quickly.

I have leadership skills. In a zombie attack I will pick out the smart survivors, back them up, and make sure the group does what they say.

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Let’s see. I’ve been supporting myself for 33 years. I married a woman who is pretty good at bringing home bacon. I’ve been supporting a couple of children for almost half that time. I own a house free and clear. Ditto with wheels. I can do any bicycle repair necessary. I can be very persuasive. I’d say I’m pretty self-sufficient.

Were I to find myself in a forest, I’m not sure all the things I could eat, but I could build shelter. If I had matches, I could start a fire. Hmmm. I wonder if that’s what makes Dan incendiary?

But you catch me wrasslin no alligators or bears.

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I can fix a lot of stuff around the house… pretty much anything from stuck windows to messed up plumbing. I leave electrical work to the pros.

I can grow stuff. I don’t have the space now, but I’ve grown various types of gardens in the past.

I can do basic automotive repairs.

I know how to find food and water when it isn’t available through normal means. And I can make fire.

I know a lot of first aid.

I’m not one to puss out when the going gets tough. That’s gotta count for something.

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110 percent self sufficient. I am a good gardener, fisherman and have even caught fish with my bare hands. Know firstaid, CPR, taught wilderness survival and shelter building to boy scouts 4 years running. I would be fine off the grid.

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I was a very focused Girl Scout for 5 years and still remember the basics—first aid, making a fire, making or finding a shelter, knot tying, canoeing and portaging, cooking over an open fire, using a survival knife and a compass, how to saddle and bridle a horse, how to ride a horse, and a few more things along those lines. BUT, I haven’t had much practice for the past 15 years.
Thanks to my mom and grandma, I can sew practically anything, can reupholster a chair, can fix furniture, do basic drywall, am pretty handy with a bandsaw and basic tools—what I wish I could do was grow my own garden.
edit: and no interest in hunting. However, I do eat the meat that arrives to me in tidy little white wrappers, post hunt.

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I can do bunny shadows on the wall of a tent at night. A humorous little talent, it’s good for morale in times of need.

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I spin and knit/weave. If necessary, in theory, I could fleece a sheep and make garments, although I’ve never done the actual shearing part.

I garden (as much as possible, in pots) and would do so on a larger scale if I owned land. I can make autumn leaves and squash peelings into tomatoes via compost.

I cook pretty well.

I make soap from lye and fat, and would know how to get lye and fat (from wood ashes and animals) if I had to. I’ve fished, albeit with commercially available equipment. I have gathered wild dyestuffs, built a pit oven to cook game, have some slight experience making obsidian tools (not that there’s much obsidian in my area), helped with hot-water canning, and have assisted my sweetie with enough homebrewing that I could do that too, in a pinch.

I would like to learn more about these things, but I am limited by my lack of land. Even so, I feel that if we were to experience some kind of survival situation, I would make a useful addition to any band of people trying to make it through, assuming I’m not killed outright in a grab for whatever foodstuffs I have around.

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Lets see, i’m kinda handy around the house I’m no Bob the builder but i can do little things. I can cook pretty well and my family eats it all. I’m constantly trying to acquire new skills I intend to pick up sewing but I can do small repairs by hand. I’m not great at gardening but I know my basics. I believe I’m kinda okay at wielding a kitchen knife (in self defense or for intended use ha ha) . I’ve never been camping but I’m not a girly girl and I think I’ll survive.

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@incendiary_dan I intended to ask a question along this exact train of thought guess You beat me to it.

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