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How do you cope with hot weather?

Asked by Sunny2 (18810points) July 3rd, 2011

With global warming in the offing, what strategies do you use to cool off? Do those of you who live in hot places have ways of cooling off that those of us who live in more temperate areas may not have thought of? Are we all going to be running around naked in our homes or sitting around with our feet in tubs of very cold water? What’s the reality?

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1. I don’t cook inside my house when it’s hot.
2. I minimize my intake of hot food. I eat loads of salads and fruit during the summer.
3. I wash and rinse my hands with cool water.
4. As soon as the outside temperature is cooler than it is inside, I open my windows.
5. For those who sometimes don’t have adequate indoor cooling, I suggest soaking a shirt in cool water, wringing it out to the point where it doesn’t quite drip, and wearing it.
6. In the summer of 2006, we had about 3 straight weeks of 100º+ F temps. During that spell I was storing tank tops in my freezer and wearing them.

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@Brian1946 Great ideas! Thanks.

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Have tepid not cold showers. That way your body doesn’t try to warm you up again.
Sarongs are great for wandering around in.
Fans, pedestal or other types. We have a huge fan in our loft that creates a breeze and is great.. cheap to run and works very well in our climate. We also have air conditioning. We use the big fan thing before the air con though and at night we only ever use the Cardiffaire.,.. the name of the big fan thing.
Lots of fluids.
Cloths in the freezer that you can use to wipe your face with.
I agree with @Brian1946. We have a kettle bbq that we use to cook in or we use our other bbq and lots of salad.

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Indoors is boxers if that and outdoors I am lucky as I have triple canopy coverage in my yard that is cool on the hottest of days but requires copious amounts of bug juice just to remain alive. If it is really really hot I will hop on the bike and ride along the river and hop in if need be.

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After living in Phoenix, Arizona for 31 years, I’ve still never gotten completely used to the long, hot summers but I cope better than I used to. Dress lightly and comfortably indoors and out. Praise air conditioning. Hydrate frequently with water being the best choice, always. Stay out of direct sunlight whenever you can unless you’re hopelessly compelled to sunbathe. Don’t over exert yourself either in work or exercise, if at all possible.

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I also got some decent answers here. :)

Although, global warming really means that with a slight warming of the atmosphere, we’re in for weirder weather. Your area, depending where you are, might actually cool off.

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I was a laundryman (Ship’s Serviceman) in the Navy. The job required me to spend long hours in temperatures that often exceeded 100 degrees. One becomes accustomed to heat after being exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

Unfortunately, old age is catching up with me; can’t handle the heat as well as I did when I was younger.

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“I was a laundryman (Ship’s Serviceman) in the Navy.”

I was in the USN from 1968–1972.
Did you ever have a condition “William” drill in the tropics?

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@Brian1946 No, can’t say that we did.

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In this area it gets extremely hot and humid. It’s absolutely nothing but bullshit. I don’t know what to do to fight the heat besides trying not to goddamn die. I hate it, I hate it I HATE SUMMER. I always feel sick in extreme heat, and my nose bleeds out of fuckin nowhere. How do you explain this??

I had an AC last year, that helped a little, but it was ancient and dying. No longer usable. Taking cold showers helps. (not totally cold, but with mostly cold water)

Otherwise, I do what I can to hide from the Sun. Crawl under rocks. Hang out in basements. Curse ye gods.

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I failed to mention my own favorite coping mechanism (for women). I wear a man’s shirt, tails outside, with two pockets and nothing under it. Add cotton panties, a pair of light weight pants and sandals. It’s roomy, airy and as comfortable as I could keep in very hot places I’ve visited.

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