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Are people who say they don't pick their nose lying?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) July 4th, 2011

Not in public places, at home, when no one’s around to see you doing that.

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Does it matter? I’m sure everyone has had to but I’m also sure most people don’t do it recreationally.

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They probably are lying but then again, you wouldn’t expect them to readily admit it I suspect. No one likes to announce that they pick their nose either publicly or in private. And if they do announce and are proud of it, you would at least hope they’d wash their hands before they eat food or touch things belonging to others.

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Heard of a guy one time who was picking his nose while at the traffic lights. Some careless prick rear ended his car, forcing his finger up his nose. The end results weren’t pretty & he was eating hospital food that night. I guess he was lying in an odd shape when the paramedics picked him up. “Is your index finger supposed to be sticking outta your eye sir?”

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I can’t imagine anyone asking that question face to face. But no, I think people use a tissue or a handkerchief to blow their nose. I don’t think it’s one of those things where people can’t wait to get home to dig one out.

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Those people also do not fart or produce any waste.

You’re just not trying hard enough. ~

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I remember reading some paper a doctor wrote where he estimated that 100% of people pick their nose and that something like 99% have eaten it before as well.

I remember a girl tattling on me in first grade because I picked my nose and ate it. My first grade teacher went absolutely apeshit and screamed at me in front of the whole class while we were in the lunch line for about 5 minutes about how nauseating I was. Oh memories.

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Probably. @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I was playing v-ball at a rec center the other day, and a guy waiting to get in a game was sitting on the floor, not really paying attention. Someone spiked the ball and it bounced up and hit him in the hand while he was picking his nose. Didn’t mess him up or anything, but his finger definitely got shoved a little further up his nose and everyone saw it. Even the pretty girl sitting next to him.

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I reckon so! ;-)

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There’s a reason why our nostrils are just big enough for our fingers.

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Everybody needs to do a little housecleaning from time to time. I’ve never heard anybody deny they do that and I never asked. How would a discussion about it get started with someone anyway?

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@cockswain lolololol that’s classic.

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@redfeather Does it matter? I’m sure everyone has had to but I’m also sure most people don’t do it recreationally.

LOL aweosme choice of words. :D

Well, I have no idea. I don’t know whether or not others pick their nose, and how regularly.

Me, I like to braid my nose hairs.

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I don’t regularly, no, and even then only when there’s a sink nearby which I can wash my hands in immediately. But when I was little, I would do it habitually. And by that I mean it was bad how much I did it in a really disgusting way. Now, I just always have tissues on me or nearby at all times. Good compromise. Better hygiene. Blah blah blah. I grew out of it.

@Symbeline Don’t they make tweezers for that demographic..?

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One of the reasons I like Wikipedia is the way one picks up odd bits of information, like this. So the habit of years is a means of waste disposal. I need not have worried about it being vulgar, only insanitary.

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