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What do you prefer : Laugh now and cry later OR cry now and laugh later ?

Asked by Hibernate (9063points) July 4th, 2011

Preferences can be for different situations .. like hearing a joke OR understanding that someone is in trouble OR one just prefers to be with the last laugh etc etc

Discuss please and you are encouraged to express your own feelings in some situations regarding laughing and crying .

Thanks .

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I always think it’s best to emit the emotion that is being experienced. If you’re happy then laugh, if you’re sad then cry – repressing emotions is never healthy in my experience.

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I agree with @nebule

My personality type is the ENTP so, I have to be present for my feelings that can get buried under my dominant, analytical mind. lol

Not so much repressing but, the brain kicks in first.

Like recently when I found out my young, 15 month old kitty had FIP, a terminal and untreatable condition brought on by a usually harmless virus that mutates into a fatal disease in about 5–10% of young cats.

I went on a major pro-active research jag for about 3 days until I accepted there was no hope, only supportive care til the end, then, I cried on and off for 3 days.

The day the vet came to euthanize him I was at peace.

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Cry now and laugh later. There are very, very few situations in my life that I’ve experienced that I can’t laugh about, eventually.

@Coloma I’m so sorry about your kitty. : (

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Both at the same time.

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Laugh now and Laugh later, the tears can stay on the inside.


Cry now and laugh later. For me, the anticipation of happiness is happiness itself.

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Laugh now and cry later. I HATE crying in front of people so faking it while people are around and crying when I’m alone later is definitely better to me.

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No cries, only laughter!!

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cry now and laugh later

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“He who laughs last, laughs best.”

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