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How do you usually spend your weekends ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) July 4th, 2011

What do you do ?
Where do you go ?
Whom do you go with ?

Have fun discussing ^^

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At the moment I’m trying to do more things with my son rather than just stay in at home. (getting out of the house is difficult for me at times) This weekend we went and played tennis in a local park with proper courts and got an ice cream afterwards. It really depends though, I find I have to really make an effort to make plans for my son’s sake because otherwise I would lie in bed all weekend and eat glorious food…and for my sake of course too.

Weekends are a very lonely time for me though and I find them a challenge. I would actually like to know what others do as well because I always feel very inadequate when it comes to weekend activities…

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If the weather is nice, I like to go to the park or out shopping with my mum.
If I’m feeling lazy and it’s cold outside, I stay in and chill on my own, or with friends.
This saturday mum and dad went out shopping to Birmingham. Me and my mates had a little party :D

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I go to work three weekends a month 06.00–16.00 or 06.00–18.00,, the weekend I have to myself I generally catch up with friends or do some domestic tasks in & around the house, such as my garden or the laundry :-/
Late lunches & evenings out with friends are a little rarer these days as work takes up much of my time… I’m such a bore :-/

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I work on saturday mornings and spend quality time with my man on Saturday afternoon/evenings. Anything goes on Sundays.

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On Saturday morning I vacuum the apartment, especially around the birdcages.
Every couple months the main birdcage gets a top-to-bottom cleaning.
I like spending time in the company of our parrot and she loves it, so I maximize that.
Weekends is when I get a chance to make her new chewtoys.

Of course my wife usually likes my company too and often ropes me into some sort of errand or social event. Or gets me out of the apartment one way or another.
This is for my own good, I understand. And I usually appreciate it.

Fixing things around the apartment happens on the weekends too. This Saturday I put up a new fan over our TV area.

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I usually work weekends and have Mondays off (where I usually clean house or run errands).

Sometimes I’ll have Sunday and Monday off. When that happens, Sunday is “family day” so I’ll likely do whatever my wife and daughter want to do.

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Jacking off in a pit of chicken wings, ice cream and shame.

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I work quite a few weekends but when I am off I have a longer than usual lie in then I arrange to meet my son and we will maybe see a film or go for a meal. If the weather is nice I like to take off on my bicycle along the canal towpath. I always make a point of doing something as I can’t stand being stuck in the house all day.

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Working, the weekends are our busiest days.

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I enjoy special cooking on weekends so my husband and I cook together,

We also enjoy driving places together so we usually take a ride somewhere interesting.

We take naps.

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I get caught up on chores that I neglect all week. Lately we stay home it’s just too hot to really enjoy being outside. We have to be really careful with our money now. We have cable and internet and pets to entertain and when I feel like it I try to get in some bench time on some model kits that seem to be stalled at the moment.

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Usually I try to get away from anything having to do with work (and fail).
However, I do take the time to take Mrs. C out, take her shopping and once in a while squeeze in a round of golf.

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Alone. Doing nothing.

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Drink, sleep in, and barely make an effort to wear anything presentable.

I also like to head down to Montréal and chill out, whenever I can.

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Quietly. Walking in the country or the ancient henges.
In the garden.
Going to the farmer’s market to get fresh produce.
Going to my favorite antiquarian bookshops and then for a cream tea with scones.
Watching old films in the evening.
Calling home to see how things are back at the ranch.
Checking in with the Fluther. :)


Shopping with my wife and children. They tend to like it more than I do. Lol.

Yard work, gardening, swimming and more swimming. Weights to train me to be a better swimmer.

Sleeping in, reading, and moping around the house.

Going to the river bank with my little ones, going to the park.

Walking and playing with our Akita.

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Usually stay in bed a bit longer. Relax and talk while enjoying a cuppa in bed.
Get the washing done for the week and some housework.
Renovating jobs. Perhaps some gardening.
Go shopping (not usually food shopping) for things we want.
Go out for coffee, lunch or dinner. Often coffee one day and lunch or dinner the other.
Often catch a film.
Perhaps cook something special we haven’t made before.
Catch up on TV programs we haven’t had time to watch.
Do some work that is hanging over from the previous week or that is needed for the following week.

I will usually do these things with my husband and/or my children.

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Reading lots of books. Going for long walks.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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