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0g piercing stuck halfway through ear, how can I push it all the way through without getting a blowout?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1963points) July 4th, 2011

I’ve had 2g earrings for about 4 years now and want to move up to a 0g. I can pretty much push the gauge about a little more than halfway through but after that it wont budge anymore..even if I push real hard (which hurts like hell)...but anyways, what can I do to make it go through all the way?

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Get some vaseline, neosporin, or even lube just to get it wet. Either that or ice it up to numb it a bit. Then take the gauge, and twist it as you push it through. That’s usually what I do whenever I’m going up a size.

One question though. How long have you had the 2g in?

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For about 4 I have the 0g ones on but they’re only halfway in…once in a while I’ll try to pull it through..but still wont move…..I used lube but that didn’t really help..

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Are you sure that you’re sticking 0g’s through? I would think that since you’ve had them for 4 years that it’d be simple getting them through. I’m at ½g’s and mine are constantly stretching bigger.

Hmm. I would just suggest twisting it through. And at your size, blowouts aren’t terribly common. I skipped from a 6g to a 0g in one day and still didn’t get a blowout.

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Yea that’s what I was thinking too. And my 2g earrings are made out of steel, so they’re kinda heavy and I thought that’d help too….how bad did it hurt when you stretched your ears from 6 to 0?

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Hurt like a bitch, that’s for sure.

I say just go for it and shove it through. It’ll only hurt for a second. I’ve never experienced any problems when doing that.

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Are you using a taper at all?

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No, just the 0g earrings that I bought..Kinda like this one but 0g:

I’ve never used tapers lol….

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Well they should be pretty easy to use. I’d take a shower and let your ears soften up and then try to shove it through.

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Dunno if anyone said this already but I always put vitamin E oil on both sides of my ear and all over the earring when I can’t get my gauges out. I don’t know that it works any better than vaseline or lube or somethin but it works for me almost every time. And if it doesn’t work at first it works in a few minutes.

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Get some kind of lube.. KY, olive oil, whatever…. and massage it as you are pushing the jewelry through. Massage your lobes for a while with the lubricant and then continue rubbing as you put the new jewelry in. It’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable, I would definitely see about getting a set of tapers if you want to keep going bigger. It isn’t necessary, it just makes it way easier.

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i shoved my through in my right ear 3 days ago and it still hurts like a bitch. buy a 2g taper and some adhesive taper and look up how to do the taping method. i did that in my left ear and it hurts alot less.

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