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Where can I find WALRUS IVORY wedding bands for sale?

Asked by aurorashimmers (11points) July 4th, 2011

I am an Alaska Native living in interior AK,(away from the coast were it would be easier to find what I am looking for). I am looking for simple WALRUS IVORY wedding bands. I want everyone to understand first off that I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ELEPHANT IVORY before I get slammed by mean retorts like those I have seen with another person asking about ivory. We as native Alaskans eat walrus along our coastlines…so don’t go getting hyped up mad. We don’t waste a whole animal like they do elephants, we make use of the meat, bones, even the intestines to make waterproof rain gear in our old native culture which is fast disappearing. If anyone knows where I might get a pair of walrus ivory wedding bands please let me know thanks!

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Do a search for walrus bone rings. The word ivory has become like death to jewelry since it’s associated with outlawed elephant tusk products.

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Try some of the Native American sites in Alaska. Also take a look at the sites for Russia. If you get it from Russia, however, be sure it comes with a certificate of permission from the Russian Gov’t. as to its exportablity because of its aboriginal origins. Canada may also allow its aboriginal population to work and sell Walrus Ivory. Best of luck. By the way: Have you ever seen Mastodon Ivory? Mammoth Ivory? Quite nice and readily available from Russia and permitted in trade as the species is extinct. Looks completely different from African/Asian elephant ivory.

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