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Where is the most beautiful place you've ever been?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) July 4th, 2011

Whether it’s close to home or far away, what is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

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Crazy Creek Waterfalls in B.C., Canada. Pretty much all of the Canadian Rockies too. I haven’t been to many places in the world but that’s the most beautiful so far.

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Guilin, China
I went on a bamboo raft ride on a river like this
Imagine waking up and looking at those mountains in the morning. I would never get tired of that.

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It’s difficult to name only one place.
The beaches in Barbados are breathtaking.
The Scottish meadows are so peaceful and beautiful.
Bath in England is great.
Niagara Falls is impressive.
Cabo da Roca in Sintra in Portugal is lovely.
Bruges in Belgium is very special.
Love Luxenbourg gardens.

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@Michael_Huntington Holy shit. I want to go there now.

And if anyone has pictures, please post them! :)

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Kauai, HI. So far.

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Outside of the US: Tulum, Mexico.

In the US: Charlie’s Bunion off the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee. It’s a sheer drop of a few thousand feet and you can see everything up there.

Here is part of the approach trail. Here is the view off the top. The camera doesn’t do it justice. And here is another trail view nearby. It was warm… in the 60s, but there was snow on the ground. Me and my hiking friend had a snowball fight and she made a snow angel up there. I really want to go back.

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another vote for Guilin, China I went down the Li river, and saw this mystical place. Unbelievable.

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Volterra and poggibonsi – Italy.
And last saturday I just came from Barcelona which I think was amazing especially at night ;)

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Diana’s Bath, Conway New Hampshire. Not a grand view, but a beautiful and intimate step series of waterfalls tucked into the woods.

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Yellowstone National Park
Everywhere that is not a city in Colorado.

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Yosemite. Mountains, huge rocks, evergreen trees, rivers and lakes. That’s my kinda beauty!

See Yosemite

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Florende, Italy
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Quebec City, QC, Canada

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Muir Woods, which is just north of San Francisco, California. (Note: It’s the national park in the photo and not the resort listed in the link that I’ve been to.) Hiking through the redwood forest makes one feel like a wood nymph.

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@Pied_Pfeffer OMG that might just be my next vacation. I was trying to think of where to go, and I think my husband would love it. Can you PM me with a paragraph of where to go, where to stay, what to do?

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@JLeslie You bet. Sending something your way.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’ve always wanted to see, in person, the Giant Sequoia trees. :)

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That’s a tough question. I’ve travelled all over the world and seen a lot of beautiful places. Right off the top of my head, I remember Rome, Italy being very beautiful. The most beautiful place of all though? I just don’t know really.

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Yeah, I’ll probably have to agree with @Michael_Huntington, gliding down the Li River near Guilin,
on a bamboo raft….

With no previous knowledge, I ended up there by pure chance, which made it that much more incredible!

That said, I also really loved Vietnam, but I couldn’t pin it down to one place… From the epic Ha Long bay, to the endless deserted stretches of pristine beach, and every mile of open coastal road, every little café-bar, every bowl of Phở Bò and all the bustling towns and sleepy villages in between…
All I had was a couple of weeks, and I feel the urge to return almost every day!

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@Bluefreedom I thought of Rome as well for all of the man-made beauty.

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50 feet under the ocean during a storm, looking up at the surface was so beautiful.

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The upper peninsula of Michigan, south shore of Lake Superior. Specifically Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park. unspoiled wilderness is my idea of beauty =)

Montana De Oro State Park on the central coast of California and Morro Bay, California are a close second.


The area between Jasper and Banff, Alberta, in Canada. Visited with my family up there four years ago and it was breath-taking. I will never forget it.

The Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia were nice too, rivaling the Kokukuen Gardens in Kanazawa, Japan.

Guilin, China, along the Li River is really beautiful too, especially in the autumn, during a full moon. Very romantic.

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Here are seven pictures from Crazy Creek Waterfalls, that I mentioned earlier. Near the bottom, the air was so misty with water was neat. My first time uploading photos to anything other than Facebook ..but I think I did it right, lol.

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Loch Ness, Scotland is my favourite place in the world.

@Porifera—I live near (and work in) Bath and I agree, it’s a beautiful city.

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@Leanne1986 You are so lucky ! Truth is I am biased with all things UK, as deep inside I’m a Brit wannabe :) I am positively sure I lived there on another life.

I have to add that I am ashamed for not having mentioned some places in my own country that is known for its natural beauty

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I agree with @JLeslie, Vancouver, B.C. is incredible. So is Seattle, Washington. Machu Picchu is lush and incredible. It’s hard to say any one over the rest. Every place I’ve been (well some, anyway) is wonderful. I don’t know if I could say any are the best.

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@GracieT It is almost impossible to pick just one place. The world is amazingly wonderous. I was outside just this morning looking at some trees and flowers and though how amazing the various colors in nature are. My backyard is amazing, green, tranquil, trees. I saw a pregnant doe yesterday, I am so excited the fawn will be showing up in my backyard soon! She was 15 feet from me, just watched me walk by.

@Leanne1986 @Porifera I missed that you wrote Bath, I remember really enjoying my time there, it was charming.

@all the Ozarks are really pretty also, I have only driven through. The Great Lakes, which @jonsblond pointed out I think are amazing. If you have never been to the great lakes it is hard to really imagine how blue the water can be, like the carribbean.

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The western highlands & islands of Scotland.

Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Canadian side.

The Appalachian mountains, northernmost part of West Virginia.

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Lake Tahoe, CA/NV
Yosemite, CA
Greece (in general, but Crete specifically)
Liguria, Italy

Those are my top four, but it’s very hard to choose. I love the Caribbean too… Lake Tahoe will always be one of my favorite (and most frequented) places in the world, and I’ve been all over.

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The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and basked in is at the top of one of the highest peaks on Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. You can take a cable car to the peak and there are some gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island, and Kowloon, but to find this spot takes a little more grit. There is a trail that circles the peak and if you follow it long enough, you reach a small park. At the back left corner of this park is a set of cement stairs going downwards that lead to a dirt path. Following this path will bring you to another set of cement steps leading you upwards. After about a 10–20 minute climb up this crazy, cement. This trek is definitely worth the effort. As you reach the top, follow the path and it eventually takes you to a small viewing station with railings. You can see pretty much all of Hong Kong proper, all of the various southern islands, and a great view of the eastern ocean side too. I recommend it to anyone travelling to HK!

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In the Nepalese Himalayas, across the Kali Gandaki river from Dhauligiri.

Lake Tahoe.

Of the places that I’ve been of which I have an uploadable photo that I took, Temple Crag, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains near North Palisade peak.


@Schroedes13 Yeah, I’ve been to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong too. Nice scenery, especially in the evening, when there’s a bit of fog. It was autumn when my wife and I went—- cool and humid, and the moon was full and bright. Very romantic.

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@DominicX I’m planning a trip to Yosemite this year, it will be my first visit. :)

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What month will you be going to Yosemite?

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@MRSHINYSHOES ya I loved it so much! I went in the middle of the summer so it was pretty hot!


@Schroedes13 Wow, yeah, it’s hot and humid there at that time of year. You take a shower, but as soon as you go outside, you’re dripping again. :D

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Loire Valley in France. The Chateaux are phenomenal!

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I can never pick one place. So many beautiful places.

I love the Lake District in the UK.
I love New Zealand. There are so many beautiful spots there. The water in some of the streams is just amazing.
The rainforest in Australia and places like Freycinete and Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.
So many beaches in Australia, I can’t pick.
Norfolk Island has stunning scenery.

Oh and Flinders Island off Tasmania… breathtakingly beautiful, very remote too.

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The state of Arizona.

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Can I revise my answer? Wellington, New Zealand staring at msbcd!

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The harbour in Wellington is stunning. I remember there is a freeway there and you come around the corner and suddenly there is this view of the ocean and it is breathtaking.

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That sounds wonderful @Schroedes13 :P

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Ya, Wellington is very beautiful. I like Havelock North more though.

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I backpacked to Lyman Lake/Lyman Glacier/Cloudy Pass in the WA North Cascades and I was in awe the entire time. I could have stayed there forever just taking it all in. My interpretation of heaven!

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