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How much would you pay for this computer?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) July 4th, 2011

I am building a computer to sell, I am wondering how much you would pay for something like this.

Motherboard – Mind Computer Products P4VMM2
CPU – Intel Celeron 2.4 GHZ
RAM-2 GB Kingston HyprX DDR
Video Card – Asus AH3450
Windows XP Home or Pro
80 GB maxtor IDE Hard Drive

* Airlink awlh4130 wireless g card

I can’t find the case but I am linking to some pictures, also added an approx. 5 inch fan in the front. Do you think it would be a good gaming computer, how much would you pay?

Also please include the price you would pay with and without the options after ”*“s

I figured this might make an alright gaming computer, not sure what you think.

I got all this stuff for free (except the RAM) from the place I work at. Sweet deal or what?

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My last computer was a 3.4GHz P4 with 4GB and a Radeon 9800XT, and I got it with no drives or OS for $50 four years ago. My buddy was selling it for $100, but I got a friendship discount.

Personally, I have access to better, more modern stuff for free, but if I didn’t I might pay $50 for it… and I’m only going that high because I like you. Most of the value in it is the case, power supply, and wireless card. I could turn it into a home server, but it wouldn’t replace my current box (an i3–530 with 6GB/1TB/Win7) as it can’t run some of the games I like at all and won’t run the rest nearly as well as what I have.

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@jerv seems I might have better luck selling just the parts cause the vid card is still going for 50–70 dollars on some sites XD

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I believe so.

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Not very much. 40 bucks max, and that’s probably for the case and DVD drive that I need for an upcoming build.

The DVD drive alone you could get 10 bucks for, and the case looks like it’s in OK condition.

As far as gaming goes, you’re not going to be able to do much on that. It might run Starcraft II at lowest settings, but it’s no good for Bad Company 2, Call of Duty, or any of the “modern” FPSs that have come out in the last few years. Newer games are also not supporting XP (Just Cause 2 and Battlefield 3 come to mind), so that’s another thing to think about when selling for the purpose of gaming.

The video card is worth some money still, though, I’d definitely take a look at selling that separately.

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@dverhey the case is in great shape actually, it looks really sweet.

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As was my old P4; plexiglass side panel, blue LED 80mm fans in the top and side. 400W Antec PSU…

Seriously, selling the video card separately will probably double your profits, and you can sell the remainder as a general-use system. There are people out there who just want a computer to surf the ‘net and other lightweight tasks (come to think of it, that is all most people do) so the thing still has plenty of usefulness to a certain demographic, just not gamers.

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@jerv well for now I’m trying to swing it on kijiji for $18 with some clever wording and marketing tactics, all true of couse, i should get an offer and maybe even one for $120 or so.

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