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What's it like being in the Army, specifically a nurse in the Army?

Asked by nurse3223 (8points) July 4th, 2011

I am a new grad nurse and have recently applied to the Army. I am not sure if I will get in but it is a very long process. I was wondering if anyone that is in or has been in the Army has any opinions on joining the Army as a nurse and also the training they will receive. I have been talking to people in the Army now and feel a little bias so I just want to open this question up.

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Not a bad career move. I was in the US Army for about 34 years and highly recommend it. I have several friends who are nurses who also were in the Army, and none of them regret their time there. I think it’s one of the most intensive educations you can get in handling severe trauma cases.

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I was in the Army Medical Specialties corps as a student occupational therapist. The training was excellent. I’ve never regretted it. I think nurses who serve in an active military zone during conflicts have a very different experience. That wouldn’t happen until after your training, if it happens at all. The camaraderie is great. You work hard, but it’s very satisfying work.

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I believe you’ll have a great time there .

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