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What are the tricks for doing a french manicure?

Asked by JLeslie (56899points) July 5th, 2011

I do my own nails usually, and recently I decided I want to paint my nails with a french manicure. I have only had it done once in a salon.

Is there a particular brand polish you would recommend for the white tip? Should I get some sort of brush to remove paint if I don’t draw it on well? How long do I need to let the white dry before I paint over? How many coats of the top color? Do I do a clear topcoat over everything? Do I use base coat underneath everything like I do for color?

I need any suggestions for the whole detailed process.


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You can get kits @JLeslie. link

L’Oreal do one too.

I used a Sally Hensen kit years ago. It was fine as I recall. I think I did use some sort of guide though. I found these reviews for one of the Sally Hensen products now though. So it might be worth doing a little bit of research on the specific kits you are thinking of buying if you go that way.

I found this how to guide too. Not sure if you have seen this link

Let us know how it goes. French manicures look so lovely.

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I also used the Sally Hansen kit a few years ago, but for my toes. Based on that, I would say, if your nails have ridges, you should smooth them first so the white polish doesn’t leak under the guides, and make sure the guide is poked down far enough at the sides, for the same reason. I haven’t tried it on my hands as I’m pretty rough on my nails and I don’t think it would last very long. I liked how it looked on my feet, though!

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One link says to paint the allover beige first, and the other says to doit over top the white? I had thought the nude color was second, because how can you correct the white if you have the other color already on?

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I did the white first, FWIW.

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I can’t remember @JL… been years since I did it. Take a photo and let us see your beautiful nails when you get it sorted out.

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