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Who's got some random ideas for book illustrations?

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) July 5th, 2011

Last year, I illustrated a book by my uncle, which depicts about 30 different pictures of him doing random things in uniform. These included wearing a fruitbowl hat, pounding beers with a panda, armwrestling a spaghetti monster, and riding a unicorn. He has called upon me again to illustrate a second book in a similar manner. Crazy things a guy could do with a huge grin on his face (and a few mundane ones). Discuss.
also nothing vulgar, pleasethankyou

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Climbing the outside of a local skyscraper but with full Tyrolean mountain costume- lederhosen, rope, jaunty hat with feather.

Kayaking class four rapids.

Ski jumping.

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30 pictures of your uncle in 30 different countries.

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Having tea with a party of sealions.

Waterskiing being towed by a dolphin.

Trampolining on the moon. Wheeeeee!

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Doing a cartwheel; riding an ostrich; juggling.

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Spanking a monkey.
Not that i’d advocate cruelty to animals of course ;¬}

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Standing on the branch of a tree.
Balancing a beach ball on his nose/face.

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@ucme, “spanking the monkey” is probably not what @unused_bagels had in mind, most especially not in uniform!

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Making popcorn (where the popcorn is flying everywhere out of the pan and he’s wearing a big, frilly, flowery apron)

Ice skating whilst juggling penguins.

Taking a bubble bath (wearing one of those funny lady’s shower caps) with bubble floating up everywhere, and a rubber duck, with one leg and a huge big toe hanging over the edge of the tub.

Riding an ostrich

Walking toward a pool wearing scuba gear, fins and an inner tube around his waist.

Roller skating, but wearing Tonka trucks for skates.

Riding a skateboard whilst strumming a banjo.

Riding an ostrich, whilst wearing a motorcycle helmet.

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Meeting 30 famous people.

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Riding an Ostrich, holding a lance.

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@ucme I could actually make it benign, but still an implication… He could be holding the monkey by the tail with its butt in the air, and he could look like you caught him halfway.

Reason I think that could probably work, I drew a pic of him getting caught taking a PG dump in the woods by a Charmin bear for the last book.

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@unused_bagels Well you see that was my intent, seems someone spoke a little out of turn then :¬)

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How can book illustrations be “random”? Illustrators are not just making art—they are illustrating a concept.

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