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How to entertain my lazy dogs?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) July 5th, 2011 from iPhone

I have 2 dogs: Skip, a 7–8 year old jack Russell terrier mix and Woody, a 5–6 year old, overweight dachshund beagle
mix. My dogs are lazy. Skip gets moody and cranky when he doesn’t get his mile long walks everyday even though he never wants to go on them because he is paranoid of bugs. Woody loves his walks but can go without them and still be perfectly happy like always. I don’t usually buy them stuffed toys because they’re expensive and Skip tears them up in an hour, but when I do they get bored with them easily. They get bones but I can’t give them one very often because Woody is fat and I have to be fair with them or they get sad and jealous. They aren’t the kind of dogs who would just get up and play all day. Especially Woody. What is a good idea for these lazy dogs to get some excursive and “entertainment”??? Any ideas??

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If you Google “interactive dog toys”, you’ll find lots of toys that stimulate your dog mentally and physically. If you dogs are overweight, don’t put treats or cookies in them, use your regular dog food.

More examples

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You need to keep up with the walks. Walks provide a lot of stimulation for your dog.

Vary the places that you walk them. Take them to various local parks and trails.

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Get some quick brown foxes to jump over them.

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Is there a dog park near you? Sometimes when I miss a walk with my puppy or I’m the one feeling lazy I take her to the dog park and let the other dogs to all the work instead of me. They chase her around or she chases them around, she has fun, gets exercise and it helps with her socialization and I just sit there and talk to the other dog owners.

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For lazy dogs, I always recommend a bark-a-lounger and as big a TV as you can fit in your home.

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Damn, @WasCy, it’s hard to get there ahead of you.

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Why don’t you get them a snail to play with? ;)

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That may be, @Jeruba. Rarely, I think. That may be. But you’ll get more lurve for it.

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